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Chinese envoy terms Rakhine issue Myanmar’s internal affair

Chinese envoy terms Rakhine issue Myanmar’s internal affair
Rohingya refugees walk to a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) post after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border by boat through the Bay of Bengal in Shah Porir Dwip, Bangladesh, September 10, 2017Reuters

China welcomed Myanmar’s undertakings to provide assistance to the people, offering its assistance to the displaced people in conflicted areas in the northern Rakhine state

Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Hong Liang has termed the ongoing crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State as an internal affair of Myanmar.

He made the statement at a meeting with Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr Win Myat Aye in Naypyidaw on Wednesday, reports the Global New Light of Myanmar.

The ambassador said: “China’s stance regarding the terrorist attacks in Rakhine is clear, it is just an internal affair; the counterattacks of Myanmar security forces against extremist terrorists.”

“China’s help for the Rakhine crisis is just a social obligation. The president of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, the vice president of the oil and gas pipeline project and responsible personnel from the Kyaukphyu Deep Sea Port Project were brought here together with him; the company wished to provide assistance to the displaced persons,” he added.

China welcomed the government’s undertakings to provide assistance to the people and offered its assistance to the displaced people in conflicted areas in the northern Rakhine.

Union Minister Win Myat Aye said: “It was very disheartening for the country when (authorities) were accused of human rights violation following the counterattack on the terrorists for the security and stability of the State.

“The State Counsellor had given instructions to not use unnecessary excessive force and to conduct operations in accordance with the law while clearing the areas.”

Talking about the attacks in 2016 October, he said the repulsing attacks of Myanmarese forces were falsely expressed in international media, resulting in pressure on Myanmar.

“In the attacks, those being killed were ethnic minorities; in northern Rakhine, people of Islamic faith are the majority, and Rakhine and other ethnics were minorities,” he said.

“Besides, the five people of Hindu faith who fled to Bengladesh were coerced to act as people of Islamic faith and give false statements to vilify the security forces. Those made-up stories were put into video coverage,” he added.

According to the Global New Light of Myanmar’s report, all the people of Islamic faith were not taking part in terrorist attacks and some Islamic villages were also cooperating with the government.

Currently, there are over 26,000 displaced people in Rakhine State’s capital Sittway, where food, education and health services were already arranged.

Stating that the relief camps would not exist for too long, the minister said measures were taken to help the refugees return to their original places.

According to International Organisation for Migration (IOM), as of Wednesday, at least 379,000 Rohingya refugees entered Bangladesh since the latest spell of violence erupted in the Rakhine state.

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