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Farzana Tarana: I am currently singing to enter the Top 16 of The Voice of Finland

  • Published at 11:17 pm March 15th, 2019
Farzana Tarana- performing at The Voice of Finland- Facebook
Farzana Tarana performs at The Voice of Finland | Facebook

Bangladeshi singer and songwriter, Farzana Tarana, 28, has recently qualified in the fourth round of The Voice of Finland. She is currently on Round 5, also known as the Knockout round, and competing to enter the Top 16 position. Farzana recently came under the spotlight of local and international media after her blazing performance of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” in the blind audition round of The Voice of Finland 2019. The singer recently attended an online interview with the Dhaka Tribune Showtime’s Siam Raihan and talked about her life, future plans and recent accomplishments

Tell us a little about yourself.

There is nothing much to say. I am a very private person and like to keep to myself. Like to write songs and compose. Many years ago Labu Rahman from the rock band Feedback took one of my lyrics and wanted to make a song out of it. I was so surprised and happy. Then for some reason they couldn't release the track. But it gave me more strength to believe in my writing skills. I was also the lyricist of “Rajahin Rajjo” by Bangladeshi band Shunno. That gave me some credibility in the eyes of my friends and gave my confidence a boost to keep writing songs. I am also fascinated by the art of motion picture and love video editing.

What is your current position in The Voice of Finland?

Round 5 also known as the Knockout Round. I am singing to enter the Top 16.

How can Bangladeshi audience watch you on the show?

They can find the all performances on my personal youtube channel named Farzana T. 

Apart from The Voice, what are you doing in Finland?

I am a sound technician at a theatre called Tampereen Työväen Teatteri.

Are you planning to start a career there or do you have plans to move back to Bangladesh?

Only time will tell me what to do.

Do you have any plans launching your own album anytime soon?

Yes , as soon as possible. I plan to launch my EP soon.

Why Finland?

I don’t like hot weather and rain. So, when I was choosing countries to apply I excluded all the warm countries such as Australia or US and rainy countries such as England. I have always been fascinated by the Nordic territory. I wanted to live in the dark long snowy winters. Finland offered free education and scholarships. So, I ended up applying only to Finland.

As you are a studying sound design do you want to work as a sound designer in films in the future?  

I am not studying only sound design, it’s Music Production and Sound Design at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland. And my main concentration is music production. Yes sound designing is fun. But I want to make my career in music. 

You are representing Bangladesh on the international arena. How is the feedback? From your friends in Finland and in Bangladesh?

I don’t think I am representing anything. These kind of questions make me uncomfortable. But I must say that I am quite surprised by the overwhelming warm wishes both from Bangladesh and Finland.