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Rumours of Shakib – Apu divorce in the air

Rumours of Shakib – Apu divorce in the air

The couple's relationship started to decline after their marriage became public

Dhallywood’s celebrity couple Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, who got married in secret back in 2008, are reportedly getting a divorce.

Several media outlets have quoted an anonymous family source who says the couple are in the process of ending their relationship.

One outlet says the relation between Dhallywood’s King Khan and his favourite co-star had been in a downward spiral since the news of their marriage went public. The report says Shakib is preparing to tie all loose ends.

Another report said that the actor has trust issues with Apu, as she continues to keep in touch with media personnel whom Shakib dislikes.

Apu Biswas recently told the press: “I have nothing to say about this. Shakib is currently abroad and we have not talked about a divorce.” She also added that she is currently busy with her child.

Shakib Khan, who is currently abroad shooting for “Mask” with Kolkata’s Nusrat Jahan, refused to make any comments regarding the matter. However, he assured that everyone would know if anything happens.

The couple’s relationship began declining at the beginning of this year after their marriage became public, when Apu and their six month old son, Abraham Khan Joy, came in front of the public for a talk show on a TV channel on April 10, 2017.

During the show, Apu revealed her marriage with Shakib and their child together, which the actors had kept a secret and continued working in the industry.

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