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Jannatul Nayeem launches Avril Foundation

Jannatul Nayeem launches Avril Foundation

She promises to donate 75 percent of her income to the foundation.

Jannatul Nayeem Avril, who loves to introduce herself as a biker, has surprised all by winning the crown of Miss World Bangladesh 2017 this year. Although, unfortunately for her, Avril has been stripped of her crown after controversies arose about her past marriage and more.

Avril, however, proved herself to be a hard nut to crack, pledging that she will work to prevent child marriage and will establish Avril Foundation. The model has further validated her words within a few days of the announcement.

The charity organisation, Avril Foundation has already kicked off its journey this October, with a motto to prevent child marriage in the country. Recruitment of volunteers and donors is now in full swing.

“It’s not about just child marriage, we’ll also work on women empowerment throughout the country as well. I’ll donate a 75 percent of my income to the foundation. I am also trying to collect funds from other sources as well. Women from all around the country will work as volunteers, who will lend their hands to the disadvantaged and oppressed women,” said an optimistic Avril.

However, after a storm of controversies around the beauty pageant, Miss World Bangladesh 2017. Jessia Islam was crowned Miss World Bangladesh 2017 on October 4, while the former winner Jannatul Nayeem Avril was stripped of her title over allegations of submitting false information.

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