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In conversation with Joy Shahriar

  • Published at 09:05 PM April 27, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:44 PM April 28, 2017

Talented musician and entrepreneur Joy Shahriar, who is currently busy working on his fourth solo album, sat down with Showtime to talk about his latest work, passions and upcoming projects.

You have been applauded for your last venture, the remake of “Dhonodhanne Pushpo Bhora.” What made you select the song?

Firstly, the song is one of my favourite tracks ever. Secondly, when we think about doing a patriotic song, “Dhonodhanne Pushpo Bhora” is among the first few to come to one’s mind. Actually, this is the third time I’ve worked on the song. Previously, I sang the song with Bappa bhai’s rearrangement, then we refurbished the song again for a programme congratulating our prime minister for receiving an award from Unicef. I think this proves how much I love the song!

You have previously collaborated with Nachiketa. How was your experience working with him?

I’ve listened to numerous song writers, but he inspires me the most, and it was a privilege working with him. The track is going to be released next week. I consider myself lucky because I got to work with Silajit da that year as well. It was the first time that he sang a song for Bangladesh. 2016 was therefore a great year for me, since I’ve collaborated with some senior artists of the Bangladeshi and Indian industry. I’ve recently released a duet album titled Shopno Somuddur with Kumar Bishwajit da, the artist who has been my musical hero since childhood. I have also worked with the likes of Bappa bhai, Tahsan bhai and other senior artists of the country.

"I am all about music, as a result, I sell music as an entrepreneur" Newaz Mohammed Rifaat/Dhaka Tribune

“I am all about music, as a result, I sell music as an entrepreneur” Newaz Mohammed Rifaat/Dhaka Tribune

How are things on the business front? 

(Smiles) … I am all about music, as a result, I sell music as an entrepreneur. Most musicians in our country have to face a lot of systematic problems, including copyright issues, artist-company spats and a lot of other things which, I too, have experienced personally as a musician. With a goal to resolve such issues, I’ve started my own venture AajobRecords back in 2014, which has almost 500 tracks to it’s credit till date. Besides, I have a fashion house named Shopnobaj, which started its journey in 2006. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I can actually work on my dreams. When I have a record label of my own, I can experiment with my music and I can produce the merchandise the way I want. The same goes with the t-shirts Shopnobaj produces – I wear what I really want to wear and none of these ever distract me from my music since I love what I do.

What’s next for your fans?

My last album was released more than two years ago. Since then, I have collaborated with many artists and worked on many projects. But the best news for my fans would be that I am putting the final touches on my fourth single album, which I believe will be released on the occasion of Eid.

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