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  • What is the writing on the wall?

    What is the writing on the wall?

    Many individuals in the country are making preparations

    With the country’s foreign exchange reserve reaching the $15bn mark, inward remittance growing at 14% during the last 10 months, and exports also holding up well at 10% year-on-year growth despite a challenging situation in destination countries, we all thought unless the US dollar is continuously supported by the Bangladesh Bank, the taka would soon see a level of 70 against a unit of the greenback.

  • In search of the ‘ever-elusive’ common good

    In search of the ‘ever-elusive’ common good

    As long as our politicians cannot be above and beyond obsessive self-interest and gross partisan aggrandisement, we will not have a clean, logical and functional governance system

  • Can we beat corruption?

    Can we beat corruption?

    It doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing the end of it any time soon
    Will Bangladesh see an escalation in corruption? This question is worrying. I know corruption has become a widespread malady in Bangladesh. Yet, I keep hearing people talk about hope – a future Bangladesh under our generation – free of corruption. Sadly, the hope is utopian in nature but I fear I will not see any real reduction in corruption in the near future under our generation. It will only escalate or at least that is what I fear, and in this article I will justify my worries.

  • Much ado about Advani

    Much ado about Advani

    In the drama surrounding Narendra Modi, the biggest showdown was the one between him and his former guru Lal Krishna Advani

    Much drama has surrounded the ascent of Narendra Modi, chief minister of the state of Gujarat, to the de facto leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The biggest showdown inevitably had to be the one between him and his former guru, Lal Krishna Advani. The old warhorse didn't want to trot quietly into the sunset, and the results have been messy.

  • Building a safer and stronger garment industry

    Building a safer and stronger garment industry

    A plan through which the country’s highest export earner can continue to grow and contribute

  • Benefitting from black money

    Benefitting from black money

    We need to find a solution where everybody wins
    In his most recent budget the Finance Minister AMA Muhith took another stab at whitening what analysts claim is a vast, and unaccounted for, black economy.

    With some estimates claiming that as much as 60% of the country’s GDP is in the black economy, this is a vast source of inefficiency with regard to the nation’s growth.

    The choice of the real estate sector as the vehicle to do this was however ill informed and perhaps wasteful, if not harmful.

  • An apology, maybe?

    An apology, maybe?

    It is time for people to stop stereotyping journalists
    I had to debate with myself for a long time, whether or not it was okay for me to use the word “journalist” when people asked me about my profession. After months of being surrounded by “real” journalists and reporters I have realised however small or insignificant my work has been so far in my career, it is okay for me to use the word for myself.

    The kind of work that I produce does fall under “journalism” whether it’s good or bad.

  • Power misery: First aid

    Power misery: First aid

    As people suffer from record high temperatures and power outages, the new government can take some measures to alleviate the misery of citizens

    The suffering of the people has reached a peak as they are caught in the vice of record high summer temperatures and acute power outages. Let us indicate some urgent measures that the new government can undertake to mitigate the misery of citizens.

  • Bangladesh’s idol: Fools vs Ashraful

    Bangladesh’s idol: Fools vs Ashraful

    Why do we hold cricketers to a higher standard than politicians?
    One of the primary reasons Bangladesh is known in the wider world is because of the nation’s legendary corruption. This malpractice in the state mechanism affects each and everyone, no matter the position of the person in the society, be it in a metropolitan city or a remote village.

    But, these are all old stories and are shared by many other countries in the world, including our next-door neighbour India, the largest democracy in the world, as well as another neighbour Myanmar, ruled by military junta for years now.

  • Preventing another industrial disaster

    Preventing another industrial disaster

    Savar municipality officials permitted the building to be built, hence, they are also a party to the crime

    The whole background behind the incident at Rana Plaza keeps getting murkier and murkier – this is what I thought as I saw reports about the circumstances that gave rise to the collapse.

    From these reports it is clear that Rana Plaza's owners are fully responsible for second degree murder, but it doesn’t end there. Savar municipality officials permitted the building to be built, without due and proper verification. Hence to that extent; they are also a party to the crime.

  • The Russia-Bangladesh relationship

    The Russia-Bangladesh relationship

    Co-operation between Russia and Bangladesh has always been comprehensive as it covers a wide range of spheres from politics to culture

    It gives me great pleasure to address citizens of Bangladesh on June 12 – the Day of Russia. This year we, the Russians, celebrate our National Day with special pride as it coincides with the 1150th anniversary of the Russian State.

    Nowadays, as ever, Russians are proud to possess the same spirit of independence and dignity, national identity and fidelity in friendship that was passed on to us by our ancestors.

  • The Hefazati future for Bangladeshi women

    The Hefazati future for Bangladeshi women

    Religious fanatics and their apologists are scared of the female of the species

    The lot of women in Bangladesh is not particularly enviable. Compared to their menfolk, they still work harder and longer for less, suffer social prejudice, pressure, and ostracism based on little more than superstition and silly traditions. 

    They also take the brunt of economic and political upheavals that beset the country with regular frequency on one pretext or another.

    To make matters worse, there exists a seemingly growing chorus of people who are upset that women have it too good in Bangladesh.

  • Respecting the risk-takers

    Respecting the risk-takers

    A shift in our system is required for growth to continue
    In the West, entrepreneurs are highly revered, and rightly so. Time and again, entrepreneurs have shown the world what they are capable of. From incremental value additions across consumer markets to groundbreaking technological advancements in industrialisation, they have done it all, and ushered in a new era of civilisation. That trend continues to this day.

  • The G8 needs a reminder when it comes to hunger

    The G8 needs a reminder when it comes to hunger

    Partnerships with food giants such as Monsanto and Unilever will not eradicate hunger – and they might well make it worse

    David Cameron's attempt to detoxify the Conservative Party has rested on a set of policies that include supporting gay marriage, encouraging women into public office and increasing international aid.


    In many ways the last of these has been most successful – and the government has drawn few attacks from the opposition for its development policy, as it has increased the aid budget even while making harsh cuts elsewhere.


  • Not a he, nor a she, but an individual, in life and in death

    Not a he, nor a she, but an individual, in life and in death

    Rituparno Ghosh's sudden death has hit a massive emotional chord with the queer population

  • Mein kampf as a garmentwallah

    Mein kampf as a garmentwallah

    Walk a mile in our shoes before you generalise and judge
    The garmentwallah drives a Mercedes/BMW, lives in a lavish mansion in Gulshan/Baridhara, sends his kids to expensive English medium schools, wears designer clothes and Rolex watches, throws lavish parties and frequently travels business class to Europe and America, is a member of all social and golf clubs and has a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

  • Why bother whitening black money

    Why bother whitening black money

    Only time will tell if the provision to whiten black money will pay dividends, but it may create other economic problems
    The Bangladeshi real estate sector has been in a slump lately. Consumer demand for new flats and apartments has been low, as unsold flats are increasingly forming a bottleneck in the sector. However, there is nothing unusual about this. As election approaches and political turmoil increases, probable investors in the sector will hold back their capital to see through the uncertainty. Consumer confidence is low in this industry as has always been the case during past elections and increasing political turmoil.

  • Syria bleeds to death as the West stands by and watches

    Syria bleeds to death as the West stands by and watches

    The western leadership is shamefully indifferent to the abuses committed by Assad

  • SME and budget FY 2013-14: Some insights

    SME and budget FY 2013-14: Some insights

    The question that then emerges as important is how can current and future policy makers pinpoint exact economic policies that can be instrumental in fuelling the growth of SMEs in Bangladesh?

  • Take me to my leader

    Where are the Bengali stewards of lore?

    The quality of leadership isn’t carried in bloodlines or acquired through the accumulation of wealth. It doesn’t occur because rooms full of people call you “sir,” or because a nation can be held hostage to your whim. It isn’t in the exaggerated personality cults surrounding lofty public offices and it certainly isn’t in the public display of personal aggrandisement.

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