Brac achieves 97% success in tuberculosis treatment in Magura
Our Correspondent, Magura

A total 4823 of 5223 tuberculosis patients have been treated successfully

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    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

The Brac health programme has gained a 97% success rate in the treatment of tuberculosis in Magura, which at present has the highest rate across the country. Death was an inevitable result of tuberculosis in the past, but surprising advances in science has helped in overcoming this deadly disease.

Nazma Begum of Barashia, sadar upazila, Magura, was diagnosed with tuberculosis two years ago, and fell under the treatment of Brac health worker Moriam Begum. 6 months later Nazma overcame her illness and is now fully treated. Nazma said: "When I got tuberculosis I was seized by extreme panic as it I knew tuberculosis as a deadly disease. Moreover I thought the treatment of the disease would be beyond my reach. But Brac health worker Moriam Begum came to me as a blessing .She gave me treatment including medicine for free."

Radhanath Biswas from the village of Alukdia in sadar upazila, Magura, said: "I sustained tuberculosis two years ago. As I am peasant, tuberculosis left me far from my agricultural work. Then, I came in contact with Brac health worker Morzina Begum. After 6 months I got cured completely. Now I am leading normal life."

Brac began their work towards fighting tuberculosis in 2004, a total of 5223 tuberculosis patients from Magura have come under their treatment. Of those patients, 4823 have been treated successfully. A total of 167 health workers were engaged in Magura within this program, said Brac sources.

Two senior district managers of Brac health department, Shekh Azmal Hossen and Shajahan Mian, said Magura has become a model in the treatment of tuberculosis in the country due to dedication exhibited by Brac's health workers, who are also working to raise awareness of tuberculosis.

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