Hefazat denounces link with al-Qaeda message
Manik Miazee

Hefazat also terms al-Qaeda as creation of the imperialist forces

Bangladeshi radical Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has claimed that it has no relation with the broadcast audio message, supposedly released by al-Qaeda.

The Islamist group made the claim through issuing a statement on Saturday evening signed by Hefazat chief Shah Ahmed Shafi and secretary general Junayed Babunagari.

The statement reads: “There is no relation of Hefazat or the country’s Islamic scholars with the broadcast audio message.”

Hefazat also termed al-Qaeda as being a creation of imperialist forces.

“It is a new conspiracy against Islam and the country’s democracy and sovereignty,” the statement adds.

The Hefazat leaders claimed that anti Islamic groups are involved in the conspiracy along with “international Jewish lobby” and secrete agency of “a neighbour country”.

Anti Islamic and international conspirators are trying to make a similar situation in Bangladesh as like as Iraq and Afghanistan, they wrote the statement. 

Al-Qaeda has called Bangladeshi Muslims to join jihad against the western countries, claims an unconfirmed audio message published by the Jihadology.net.  

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