Hasina-Khaleda phone conversation (full audio)
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  • Prime minister Sheikh Hasina talking with Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia over the phone on Saturday 
    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia had a telephone conversation on Saturday to initiate dialogue to resolve the current political crisis over the arrangement of how the next parliamentary elections should be held.

Bits and pieces of the conversation were published in different newspapers quoting senior leaders of both the parties.

The Dhaka Tribune obtained the full audio of the telephone conversation. Private TV channel Ekattor TV broadcasted the much-hyped conversation between the top leaders of the two major parties, Awami League and BNP, early on Tuesday.

Following the broadcast of the full conversation, social media was flooded with mixed reactions regarding the conversation. Many even questioned whether the media was right to broadcast the conversation.

People reacted to the two leaders’ approaches during their conversation, and what its impact would be on the democracy of Bangladesh.

The Dhaka Tribune also got the full audio of the 37-minute conversation, and has uploaded it here. We think people should know what was discussed, as the future of this nation depends on their conversation and the actions that follow.

Click here to listen to the full audio of the 37-minute conversation, including the preamble

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