• Saturday, Sep 21, 2019
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Never on time

  • Published at 12:02 am September 12th, 2019

There is no excuse for taking so much time for a project carried out for public use

When it comes to the implementation of infrastructure projects, inefficiency has sadly become a norm in our country.

From the beginning, problems have plagued the completion of the Dhaka Elevated Expressway Project, which is meant to ease the pressure of traffic through the capital.

This has happened primarily due to taking too much time in land acquisition and utility transfer. The land acquisition itself took six years. This exposes the ineptitude of our bureaucrats in negotiating with the landowners.

There is no excuse for taking so much time for acquiring land in a project carried out for public use. 

The government has every right to acquire the land with just compensation, and sufficient funds were allocated -- however, mismanagement and inefficiency stood in the way of carrying out the acquisition in time.

The project that began on October of last year still has not seen the completion of even the first phase. With two more phases still to be undertaken, the expressway is now projected to be completed in March 2022. 

Another issue with the construction is the non-cooperation of the railway authorities, and it is a mystery why the government does not set up an interdepartmental body, with representatives from all concerned bodies, so that the work goes smoothly. 

When big projects like the expressway are taken, it is imperative that the work is done promptly, so that public disruption is minimized and the enjoyment of the product can be hastened. However, administrative lags and bureaucratic inefficiencies continue to derail that idea. 

It is about time that speedy completion of these projects was made a priority.