• Saturday, Oct 19, 2019
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On the road to prosperity

  • Published at 01:00 am May 15th, 2019

Indeed, what is needed now more than ever is the sense of urgency

There can be little doubt that the Bangladesh economy is as robust as ever.

According to research from Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh’s per capita GDP is projected to be $5,700 by the year 2030, surpassing India’s per capita GDP of $5,400.

While both countries are set to enjoy over 7% economic growth over the next decade, and India is likely to reap significant benefits from its demographic dividend, Bangladesh’s investment into its health and education sectors are likely to help the country’s age-old productivity issues, and there is hope that this will usher in a new wave of investment and initiatives from all stakeholders.

It is testament to the progress Bangladesh has made as a nation -- for too long, we have been considered to be poorer as well as inferior in other ways in comparison to our neighbours -- and it is important to recognize and celebrate our successes.

However, while this projection is cause for jubilation, it must be remembered that 2030 is a long way away and we keep our eyes on the ball until then -- Bangladesh will only fulfill this historic milestone if it does not become complacent and think the job is complete.

Indeed, what is needed now more than ever is the sense of urgency -- an urgency to not only match the success achieved by our economy over this decade, but to surpass it over the next. 

Bangladesh is on the verge of achieving historic milestones in the 2020s -- becoming richer than India could perhaps be the most satisfactory for its citizens.