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Don’t let Myanmar get away with mass murder

  • Published at 06:26 pm February 10th, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:44 pm February 11th, 2018
Don’t let Myanmar get away with mass murder
In utter betrayal of the good faith that Bangladesh, and indeed the world, has placed upon Myanmar to safely repatriate the Rohingya population, Myanmar continues its brutal cleansing operations in Rakhine state. According to new reports pouring in from international organizations such as Reuters and Amnesty International, last September, 10 people were killed by the Myanmar army and put into a single mass grave, and there is evidence that more of such events have taken place since then. Widely circulated photographs of the massacre show that there is simply no way of denying what is going on in Myanmar -- the evidence is there for all to see, in spite of Myanmar’s restriction on journalists reporting from the Rakhine. Will the world still close its eyes to this horrific reality, or will it finally come down hard on the Myanmar government? The reports paint a sordid reality behind Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s grand, diplomatic posturing to the world, telling stories of Buddhist civilians being organized by the state to burn down Rohingya homes and commit sexual and other types of violence against the persecuted minority in order to drive them away or worse. While the acts themselves are often being committed at the hands of civilians, it is important to note that they are being sanctioned by the military, which points to the gross hypocrisy of Myanmar, which maintains that it does not know anything about ethnic cleansing. Under these circumstances, why would the Rohingya want to go back home? The Rohingya indeed have an absolute right to return to their homeland, but surely these are not the right conditions? Surely, first the world must make sure that safety of the Rohingya is guaranteed and that the killing has indeed stopped? Bangladesh did the right thing by giving shelter to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fleeing persecution or death -- we hope the world will follow suit by acting harshly against Myanmar’s military regime. The world’s humanity is at stake.