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Midday Brief

  • Published at 01:56 PM April 17, 2016
  • Last updated at 02:00 PM December 17, 2017

A glance at today's important news

UN council weighs measure rejecting US Jerusalem decision

Egypt circulated the draft text on Saturday, and diplomats said the council could vote on the proposed measure as early as Monday

Private bank MDs grappling with board interference

‘We are sued, interrogated and removed when an allegation of scams surfaces. But, we are not solely responsible for such misdeeds; rather, boards coerce us into doing things’

In Europe and US, homegrown jihadists the main threat

Experts say that kind of self-radicalized attacker, completely unknown to authorities, is the main threat countries face today

Australia arrests man accused of trying to sell missile parts for North Korea

The Sydney man was identified by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other media as 59-year-old Chan Han Choi

Fisheries Minister Sayedul Hoque’s 1st janaza held

The first namaz-e-janaza was held at 10:20am on Sunday

Pakistani family awaits punishment after assault on Bangali boy in UK

The minor was savagely kicked in the head and hit with weapons, while his attackers warned the kid not to ‘mess with their blood and find someone of his own kind’

Around the world in 42 days: Frenchman smashes solo sailing record

The 34-year-old sailor crossed a virtual finish line drawn between the island of Ushant off France’s northwest tip and Lizard Point in southwest England at 0145 GMT

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