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Red in the palm of your hands

Red in the palm of your hands

The brand that is known to have the best filming cameras around now take a shot at being a smartphone

For those who aren’t familiar with a Red camera, you’ve possibly seen its incredible video quality on YouTube or in theatres. Red cameras have been used in films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, The Martian and the most recent, Transformers instalment. In fact, any quality, big-budget Netflix project has used Red cameras too. They are that damn popular and that damn good.

Although only a handful of YouTubers have access to Red’s equipment, the brand will be releasing their first ever phone, the Red Hydrogen, next year. And yes, as expected, this phone is not going to be cheap. Just like its line of cameras, the Hydrogen will cost nearly $1,600 for the all titanium build. The aluminium alloy version will cost around $1,195. However, there is obviously a legitimate reason for the build and its pricing.

Red is promising certain features you might not find anywhere else. The phone apparently has a revolutionary tech called a “holographic” display that is known as 4-View. It not only provides for a glasses-free 3D image but it will let you take a look around and behind objects by projecting multiple angles or perspectives on whatever you are watching.

Apart from what looks like to be the most advanced display around, the specs are quite impressive too. The phone will run the most recent version of Android with front and back cameras. It’ll have a 5.7-inch screen with nanotechnology that can seamlessly switch between 2D, stereo 3D and 4-View holographic display modes. It also supports modular attachments, including an upgraded camera module. Obviously. There’s also a headphone jack (which people still want on their phones), a MicroSD card slot for more storage and charges through a USB-C port. Another advantage for Red camera users is being able to use this phone as a touchscreen monitor.
The design of it is also like no other. It’s a tad bulky with plenty of grip and sturdy design features. As it should be, with specs and parts of that quality, you’ll want to protect this very expensive investment.

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