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Nirmalendu Goon

Nirmalendu Goon

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Maybe I’m no human, humans are different;

They can walk, they can sit, and they can wander room to room

They are different; they are afraid of death, scared of snakes.”

Nirmalendu Goon’s “Maybe I’m No Human” (translation: S M Maniruzzaman)

The renowned poet Nirmalendu Goon is scheduled to speak at the Dhaka Lit Fest 2016 to talk about his life as a poet. One of the most popular contemporary poets of Bangladesh, Goon made his mark in Bengali literature through his long and consistent writing since his first book of poems came out in 1970.

He has published 45 collections of poetry and 55 collections of prose. Goon’s poetry criticises the nouveau riche, expresses love for freedom, and faith in the human spirit, and urges an upheaval of the poor against the rich. He also has written many poems on important personalities, including Rabindranath Tagore, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Lenin, Shakti Chattopadhyay, and others.

Amar Chele Bela by Nirmolendu Goon

Born in Barhatta, Netrokona, Goon belongs to the generation of writers that emerged in the 1960s. The contradictions and conflicts of that time period influenced his writings. An avowed Marxist, the themes of his writings address an urge to overcome restrictions and break down the barriers dividing the human race.

Goon’s talent exceeds the boundaries of written words into the realm of painting. He drew the cover art for his first book of poetry himself. Later he started to paint on a regular basis, and the first exhibition of his paintings was held in the seminar room of the Public Library of Dhaka, in July, 2009.

Roktojhora November 1975 by Nirmolendu Gun

Goon has won many awards over the years including the Bengal Academy Puroshkar, Shadhinota Padak, Gemcon Shahitya Puroshkar, Gourakishor Literary Award in Kolkata, the Ekushey Padak, the Samakal-BRAC Bank Shahitya Puroshkar, and many more. He has also won the Shadhinota Puroshkar in 2016, which is considered as one of the most reputed awards in the country.

Nirmalendu Goon’s works:

Ānandaudyāna (1995)
Bhrami deśe deśe
Caitrera bhālobāsa
Cirakālera bām̐śi
Dhābamāna hariṇera dyuti

Dūra ha duḥśāsana (1983)
Gīnasabārgera saṅge
Muthophone’r Kabbo
Nā premika, nā biplabi
Nāma diẏechi bhālobāsa
Nirañjanera pr̥thibi
Nirguṇera jārṇāla
Nirmalendu Guṇera premera kabita
Nirmalendu Guṇera rājanaitika kabitā
Pañcāśa sahasra barsha
Premāṃśura rakta cāi
Priẏa nārī hārāno kabitā
Pr̥thibījoṛā gāna
Racanā 2000
Raktajharā Nabhembara 1975
Śaktismr̥ti o anyānya

Selected poems of Nirmalendu Goon / edited with an introduction by Khondakar Ashraf Hossain (2001)
Śiẏare Bāṃlādeśa
Tāra āge cāi samājatantra
Yakhana āmi bukera pān̐jara khule dān̐rāi

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