‘Hargoj’ to be staged Thursday at Shilpakala Academy
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It will be staged at 7pm

  • A scene from ‘Hargoj’  
    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

Theatre troupe Swapnadal’s acclaimed play “Hargoj” by Natyacharya late Selim Al Deen will be staged Thursday at the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy at 7pm.

Pioneering playwright Selim Al Deen’s narrative “Hargoj” is based on a true story that depicts the suffering of people in a village named Hargoj in Manikganj in 1989, during the aftermath of a tornado that destroyed the livelihood of the village. Through this play, he not only portrayed the massacre left by the tornado in its wake, but addresses the question of rescue in terms of humanity.

The play revolves around a rescue team that arrives at the tornado-hit village, and shows the devastation that shatters the lively locale of farmers, killing hundreds of people and damaging a large part of the area.

Based on a true story, “Hargoj” is an experimental work of Selim Al Deen which has been directed by Zahid Repon, a disciple of the playwright. Veteran technician Thandu Raihan designed stage lights while the set has been designed jointly by Fazle Rabbi Shukarna and Al Amin.

The cast of the play include Sonali Rahman Julie, Robin Dutta, Sajida Islam Parul, Amzad Sharif, Abu Nasser Emon, Hasan Rezaul, Shishir Shikder, Asif Istiar, Mostafizur Rahman.

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