Thursday October 19, 2017 04:09 PM

In pictures: Chittagong tailors busy making Eid dresses

  • Khalifa Patti in Chittagong is renowned for its expensive Eid dresses | Rabin Chowdhury/Dhaka Tribune

  • Every Ramadan, scores of tailors make their way to Khalifa Patti for the seasonal surge in demand | Rabin Chowdhury/Dhaka Tribune

  • Working at Khalifa Patti benefits very few tailors, as the wages are severely low | Rabin Chowdhury/Dhaka Tribune

  • But the tailors keep working every hour of the day into the night | Rabin Chowdhury/Dhaka Tribune

  • The rhythmic clatter of the sewing machines lull the residents of Khalifa Patti to sleep | Rabin Chowdhury/Dhaka Tribune

Khalifa Patti in the port city of Chittagong has a tradition of producing lucrative dresses every Eid

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