Saturday October 21, 2017 12:37 PM

  • The spirit of Boishakh

    The spirit of Boishakh

    The photo perhaps captures Bangladesh in its flight for the future.

  • MIB Spirit’s unique Fall Meet-up

    MIB Spirit’s unique Fall Meet-up

    MIB Spirit – Made in Bangladesh is a lifestyle brand that has specialised in crafting bags and currently focuses on a range of products, including accessories, that ignite feelings of national pride and patriotism. Dedicated to the local wisdom and environment of Bangladesh, all products introduced by this brand are green, locally sourced, stylish and of top-notch quality.

  • Easy ways to go green!

    A few ways on how to “go green” without having to feel like you are giving up on too much, because awareness and small changes can make a big difference in the way we live and let live

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