Friday March 23, 2018 04:55 PM

Milk. It does a body good

Milk. It does a body good

This year’s Milkshake Collective was appropriately titled Refill

There’s no case of the sophomore slump for the vibrant and established artists of Dhaka. It was the same place, and around the same time last year, where the first round of Milkshake’s founders put on a lovely exhibition. There were slightly more artists added to this year’s installment, leading most to believe there were too many in such a tight space. We were pleasantly surprised to see we were wrong.

The first floor of the Cityscape building in Gulshan had a healthy flow of traffic and Northend’s evening business was booming. Arguably the best coffee in the city and the addition of a young and thriving art scene, all in one place? You bet your derrière it made for one heck of an inauguration night.

Each section of the exhibition was walled off from the other simply by each artist’s signature styles. As different as each individual was in his or her expression of art, there was still a warm and welcoming inclusion for every curious passerby. From opening night to the last, on the following Saturday, the amount of visitors did not waver, as we were able to spot many who had returned in higher spirits to support their favourite artists.

Photos: Sabiha Akond Rupa


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