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Holiday adventures

Holiday adventures

With the holiday season knocking on your door, the time has come to open your minds and explore the true meaning of the holidays.

Veggie Tales: Merry Larry & the True Light of Christmas captures the glimpse of Christmas where Veggie Philip and Veggie Reggie, aided by the mall’s Christmas elf are given the opportunity to decorate and recreate the entire Spring Valley for Christmas.

This movie displays a lot of colourful fireworks. Is that really what Christmas is all about? Enter Christina, a kind hearted little girl who comes to the mall hoping to raise money and find helpers to aid an elderly neighbour whose house is falling apart. Soon afterwards Philip, Reggie, and the Christmas elf discover ancient creche (a display representing the scenes of Jesus Christ) and find the true meaning of the holiday.

This movie sends a positive message using humour, clever music, to inspire faith in God. Grab your copy of the movie from any CD store around Dhaka and witness the epic holiday adventure.

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