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Can eSports become mainstream in Bangladesh?

  • Published at 05:06 PM November 13, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:27 PM November 13, 2017
Can eSports become mainstream in Bangladesh?
Team Xtreme Lungiz, champions in Tier 1 of the Cholo Kheli CS: GO League 2017Courtesy

Many eSports players earn as much as typical athletes

If you tell anyone that you want to get into eSports in Bangladesh, a frown is the best possible response, and a year’s worth of lectures that video games are a waste of time are the worst-case scenario, and the most common too.

But eSports is not a fringe endeavour. The world’s largest eSports tournament has a $24.6 million prize pool, dwarfing the $4.5 million offered by the ICC World Cup. There are hundreds of such tournaments and many eSports players earn as much as typical athletes. Bangladesh has a burgeoning eSports scene with a large pool of highly competitive players and teams, many of whom have been part of the international scene for years.

On Saturday, Level3 Carrier Ltd organised the finals of the “Cholo Kheli CS: GO League 2017” in Gulshan. Xtreme Lungiz emerged victorious in Tier 1 of the tournament and Team Reboot won Tier 2. Both teams were handsomely rewarded.

Junaid Ahmed, managing director of Level3 Carrier Ltd, said even cricket was scorned as a career a few decades ago.

“People like Shakib and Mashrafe have made people look at cricket differently. The sooner we acknowledge eSports as a legitimate sport, the sooner our youths can engage it directly. Video games are no longer just a mode of entertainment, they are also a viable sources of massive earnings.”

Junaid also expressed his fondest hopes that Bangaldeshi gamers would earn mainstream recognition and win international tournaments to put Bangladesh on the map.

The Cholo Kheli project by Level3 has just one goal – to rally all potential eSports competitors in Bangladesh under one banner.

The Level3 MD added that the company is working to provide a uniform platform and the best possible servers for gamers.

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