• Friday, May 24, 2019
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Celebration of Boshonto Utshob 1425 at Bottola

  • Published at 08:15 pm February 13th, 2019

Boshonto Utshob 1425 has been celebrated at Bottola of Dhaka University. A day-long celebration, organised by Samageet Sanskriti Prangon was held at the heart of Dhaka University.

The festivities for the first day of Falgun 1425 continued from 9am till 3pm on Wednesday. 

The program began with Rabindranath Tagore’s song “Mukto koro bhoy, apona majhe shokti dhoro nijere koro joy”.

Spring, or Boshonto, arrives with the feelings of warmth and new beginnings. Like every year, people welcomed it with the slogan “Biborno prane esho boshonto abar”. 

The slogan conveys the infinite power of nature to remove all ingenuity and havoc, and the seeding of a new phase of life. The song is sung at Bottola to awaken the spirit of growth among all.

The participating parties at the Spring festival included Shiuli Bhattacharya, Pinky Chiran, Sushmita Rima, Kafil Ahmed, Krishnokoli, Shayan, Leela,  Shohojia, Pother Dol, Ghaashphoring and Shomogeet Dhaka and Narayanganj.