Thursday March 22, 2018 08:42 AM

Playing God

Playing God

Buckle up readers because you’re in for a ride. The PS VITA of the Playstation network has brought gaming to a new level with the release of Tearaway.

 A paper craft adventure, where a fearless messenger braves all obstacles to deliver a message to “you”- the player. You can select either a male (Iota) or a female (Atoi) to be the messenger. In this game, you are a god-like figure residing in the sky, using god like powers to assist the messenger in his/her journey. What truly makes this game special is its interactivity. You are able to lift an object by touching the backside of the console. You can also touch the screen to open presents or doors. You can record voices and take picture to progress. Awesome as it already is, the game will capture your face with the help of the front camera and show it in objects like the Sun. Wow! So hurry up and grab your copy of this game and be amazed. This PS VITA exclusive game is available in particular videogame stores in Dhanmondi, Uttara, and Banani.

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