Swedes show support on Twitter wearing hijaab
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Respond to attack on Muslim woman

In response to an attack on a woman reportedly for wearing hijaab in a Stockholm suburb, scores of women of various faiths have posted photos of them wearing the headscarf, Al Jazeera reported Tuesday.

According to police spokesman Ulf Hoffman, the woman, who was also pregnant, was attacked by an unknown assailant who banged her head against a car in the suburb of Farsta on Friday.

Hoffman said the man shouted slurs which led police to believe the attack was “motivated by the woman's religion,” the news website wrote.

The photos of women wearing hijaab were posted on Twitter, using the hashtag #hijabuppropet (hijab outcry). Swedish Green Party leader Asa Romson and Social Democrat lawmaker Veronica Palm were among the women extending their support.

The supporters also included some men who posted photos in which they covered their heads.

According to Al Jazeera, the initiative’s organisers said they wanted to raise awareness about the “harassment women wearing headscarves face in Sweden.”

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