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‘Isn’t that reverse racism?’ ‘No.’ Watch a Bangladeshi-Australian comic tear apart this myth

  • Published at 03:32 PM November 10, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:43 PM November 10, 2017
Aamer Rahman is an Australian stand-up comedian of Bangladeshi descentAamer Rahman/Facebook

Aamer Rahman is not a reverse racist, but he could be. All he needs is a time machine

“If you get on stage and making jokes about white people – isn’t that racist?” Being an Australian stand-up comedian of Bangladeshi descent, Aamer Rahman hears this a lot. But he doesn’t think he’s a “reverse racist,” as many of his white friends would have him believe. And in this video (above) he explains why.

“If you ask some Black American people, they’ll tell you flat out that there’s no such thing as reverse racism,” Rahman says, but quips that he doesn’t agree. “I think there is such a thing as reverse racism, and I could be a reverse racist if I wanted to.” All it would take is a time machine.

“I’d get in my time machine and I’d go back in time before Europe colonised the world,” Rahman says. “And I’d convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America to invade and colonise Europe. Just occupy them, steal their land and resources, set up some kind of Trans-Asian slave trade where we exploit white people to work on giant rice plantations in China.”

The idea is to “ruin Europe over the course of a couple of centuries so all their descendants would want to migrate out and live in a place where black and brown people come from.”

After hundreds and hundreds of years of doing that, says Rahman, if he got on stage and said: “Hey, what’s the deal with white people?” then and only then would he be a “reverse racist.”

Watch another hilarious video (below) where Rahman talks about whether it is okay or not to “punch a Nazi.”

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