Ananta appears as police officer in Most Welcome 2
Shadma Malik

The fans will see the Dhallywood super star Ananta Jalil him in police uniform who crosses every obstacle to uphold justice

  • Ananta Jalil, the superstar 
    Photo- Dhaka Tribune

Dhallywood super star Ananta Jalil will be seen as a police officer in his upcoming action-packed movie Most Welcome 2, claimed to have the biggest budget in the history of Bangladeshi filmdom. The success of Ananta’s latest film Nisshartha Bhalobhasha, which was released in the last Eid-ul-Fitr in above 200 theatres all around the country and is still running in a number of cinemas, was celebrated  with a party on November 8 where he showed a trailer of Most Welcome 2 (MW-2) at Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel.

Along with the mega star, his wife and co-actor of most of his films, Borsha, was also present at the event attended by journalists and invited guests.

The programme began with the screening of the trailer MW- 2, an action packed love story featuring Ananta and Borsha in lead roles. For the first time, the fans will see him in police uniform who crosses every obstacle to uphold justice. This time he is back with more action and stunts. In a scene, Borsha says: “I hate you,” and the hero replies: “You hate me, but I love you.” Again the duo will be seen in a passionate love story in MW-2. Also Ananta takes different disguises in the movie.

At the event, Ananta entered dancing with Borsha with a song of Nisshartho Bhalobasha titled What is Love. Then the couple presented another dance recital synchronised with a spicy song of MW-2, titled Chicken Tandoori. About the song, Ananta said at the event: “The song is so powerful and appealing that any boy will be able to impress a girl by singing it.” The audience burst out with laughter by listening to the actor’s words throughout the event as they do while watching any of his film. But no one could resist his stardom.

Borsha said: “From the very beginning, Khoj-The Search, to Nishartho Bhalobasha, we have always given something new to the audience. Again, we promise to entertain you with a bunch of new features in MW-2.”

In the beginning of his speech Ananta stated:” I take my words back, as previously I said in an interview with a TV channel that media was not being supportive towards us. But, now, I am grateful to the journalists to grace the event along with my fans.”

About his success of the movie Nisshartho Bhalobasha, Ananta’s take is: “It is highly evident that the movie has been a great success. The movie received high rating in IMDB also.” Ananta and Borsha honoured the crew of the film by handing over crests.

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