Mahiya Mahi sign up for 9 new movies
Afrose Jahan Chaity

Mahi hopes that all her films will gain audience acclaims

  • Mahiya Mahi 
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Mahiya Mahi, the new sensation of Bangladesh film industry will remain one of the top actresses during Eid. She has been paired with Dhallywood heart-throb Shakib Khan in a romantic movie named “Bhalobasha Ajkal” and will also play lead roles in nine other films.

In an interview with Dhaka Tribune, Mahi said, “I hope audience will love all my movies, as I am offering different dimensions in characters.” Her recent released film “Poramon” got a huge success and “Pori” her character of the film received positive response from audience.

Mahi hopes that all her films will gain audience acclaims. “I have done a lot of hard work for those films. I believe my effort will receive the same response as my previous films did,” Mahi said.      

“I will be paired with Shakib Khan in PA Kajo’s romantic movie ‘Bhalobasha Ajkal.’ I wish it will remain on the top chart in Eid.”

According to Mahi, Dhallywood may get a new chemistry in terms of box office hit after the release of “Bhalobasha Ajkal.” “The romantic movie will feature some quality songs in fantastic locations. I hope the audience will really love those scenarios,” she said.

Mahi loves to face challenges while working in films featuring different subject matters. “I love challenges and diversity in my characters, also films with unconventional story line holds a great deal of appeal for me. I want to captivate my audience by presenting them with different roles all the time. Even, I want to be paired up with different actors for avoiding redundancy in chemistry, I love different proportions in each and every role I play.”

Mahi has already shown her potent performing ability to carry out demanding characters in media. She proved herself as a very demandable model and actress in Bangladeshi showbiz. Mahi has starred in 3 movies so far which was profitable in the market.  

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