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Slight fall in daily goods prices

  • Published at 09:35 pm May 18th, 2019
Kitchen market
Prices of daily necessities register slight fall amid decreased demand. The photo was taken at Karwan Bazar in the capital Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

Beef and mutton were found stable at their previous prices but fruits and spices were selling at higher rates compared to one or two weeks ago

Prices of essential commodities, especially rice, vegetables, fishes and meats, have registered a fall over the last week, bringing a slight relief to the consumers already burdened with high prices of daily goods.

During visits to several markets of the capital on Saturday, Dhaka Tribune has found grocery items including onion, garlic, potato, chickpea, lentils and sugar selling at prices lower by Tk10-15, vegetables and poultry by Tk10-20 and fish by Tk50-100 from what they were in the previous week.

Beef and mutton were found stable at their previous prices but fruits and spices were selling at higher rates compared to one or two weeks ago.

Talking to this correspondent, consumers expressed their satisfactions and said the essential commodities prices were now tolerable.

Shahin Alam, who serves a private company, said that the price fall relieved him a bit. 

“Price of the daily goods is a big matter for the limited income group people like me,” he said, adding that a small rise in the prices hit them hard.

 “Prices go up and down all the time, but we find a big hike ahead of Ramadan every year,” said a small businessman Md Kamrul, adding that now, in the middle of the fasting month, prices came down to a tolerable level.

Traders said the price of essentials fell as the consumers’ demand fell against sufficient supply of the goods.

“Many people bought their needed commodities altogether for a month with the beginning of Ramadan, which hiked the prices,” said Md Shahadat Hossain, a Karwan Bazar-based trader.

“Now the markets have huge supplies but few buyers. So price is competitive,” he added.

Rice prices fall sharply

“Markets have adequate stocks of rice. Meanwhile, Boro rice has started coming, adding to the stocks,” said HM Asad, a Karwan Bazar-based wholesaler.

“As a result, we have to cut the price by Tk300-400 per 50kg bag of rice to maintain market competitiveness,” he said, hinting that the prices might be reviewed after Eid.

“The government initiative to keep the rice prices in favour of consumers deprives farmers of fair prices,” he claimed.

In the visit, rice was found selling at Tk30 to Tk50 depending on different verities, which was Tk38 to Tk65 last week.

Prices of other commodities

Most of the vegetables including eggplant, cucumber and beans were selling at Tk30 to 40 per kg, which were Tk40-50 last week.

Chili was selling at Tk60, tomato at Tk30 and coriander leaf Tk140 per kg, witnessing a Tk10-15 decrease.

Onion price fell to Tk25 from Tk30 last week, garlic to Tk70 from Tk80, ginger to Tk100 from Tk120. 

Chickpea, lentils and sugar prices decreased by Tk10 and were selling at Tk75, Tk95, Tk50 respectively, while other grocery items witnessed a Tk2-3 fall.

Ilish prices fell by Tk100-300 depending on size and were selling from Tk800 to Tk1,800, while other river fishes prices decreased by Tk30-70. Cultivated verities of fishes like cat fish, tilapia prices also decreased a little.

Poultry prices fell by Tk10 and sold at Tk130, while beef and mutton price remained stable selling at Tk525 and Tk750 respectively.

Fruits and spices prices increased

The prices of fruits increased by Tk40-200 on average over the last two weeks. Apple were found selling at Tk220, which was 180 just before Ramadan. Malta price jumped to Tk180  per kg from Tk110, while watermelon to Tk600 per piece from Tk300, pineapple Tk50 per piece from Tk40. Litchi was selling at Tk400. 

Dates price fell by Tk50-100 and were selling at Tk100 to Tk1,400 depend on their varieties.

Prices of spices have skyrocketed, marking an increase by at least 20-35%. Cardamom price jumped to Tk3,200 from Tk2,400, cinnamon Tk380 from Tk280, Bay Leaf Tk120 from Tk100 and cumin was selling at Tk350.