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PM criticizes gathering of spectators during fire

  • Published at 12:43 am April 6th, 2019
web-Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
File photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Focus Bangla

'During the fire at Banani’s FR Tower, these people even vandalized Fire Service vehicles and tried to attack the firemen'

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has criticized people who unnecessarily gather to take selfies whenever there is a fire.

She said this during the Awami League Central Working Committee meeting at her Ganabhaban residence on Friday.

Sheikh Hasina further said: “During the fire at Banani’s FR Tower, these people even vandalized Fire Service vehicles and tried to attack the firemen.

“One vehicle costs around Tk10 crore. Instead of attacking, they could have helped douse the fire if each of them brought a bucket of water at the time.”

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, said: “I saw people taking selfies there (place of fire). I simply do not understand what satisfaction do they get!”

However, the prime minister also praised the people who voluntarily came forward and helped in controlling the fire during the recent fire events that took place in Dhaka.

She said: “Experienced volunteers, even some ordinary people, came to help bring the fire under control, which is praiseworthy.”

Hasina criticizes US for issuing alert

Sheikh Hasina sharply criticized the United States for issuing an alert on Bangladesh without citing any reason or giving any explanation.

“I saw that US Embassay issued an alert. They did not inform us about it and gave no explanation either,” she said. 

Sheikh Hasina said she has already asked the authorities concerned to look into the matter and find out why the US issued the alert or whether they have any information, reports UNB.

"If they have any information about any incident that can happen in the coming days, then it is their responsibility to inform us,” the prime minister said. “They can inform our intelligence agencies so that we can take measures.”

The prime minister said terrorism is a problem for the whole world.

“Bangladesh contained terrorism and militancy successfully. After one incident we are very much alert and our intelligence agencies are working round the clock,” Hasina said.

The prime minister said Bangladesh is among the five fastest-growing countries in the world, and it is natural that those who did not want the country’s independence will not want to see the country advancing socioeconomically either.

“They hatched conspiracies in the past, but we are advancing and we will be advancing. Everyone has to work so that our march towards success continues,” she said.

The US Embassy on Wednesday issued a fresh alert for its citizens living in Bangladesh.

It also requested its citizens to review their personal security plans as well to be aware of their surroundings.