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Raudha buried in Rajshahi after autopsy calls suicide

  • Published at 06:53 pm April 1st, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:31 pm April 1st, 2017
Raudha buried in Rajshahi after autopsy calls suicide
Raudha Athif, an international model from the Maldives and a student at Rajshahi Islami Bank Medical College, was buried on Saturday after the autopsy report ruled her death a suicide. Her family buried her at Hetom Khan Cemetery on Saturday afternoon with the help of local police and Quantum Foundation. The funeral was attended by her family, classmates and Aishath Shakir, ambassador from the Maldives, according to Enayet Kabir Milon, a Quantum Foundation spokesperson. Prof Emdadul Haque, a member of the autopsy team, said: “There was no evidence of sexual or any other kind of abuse on her body. We have sent samples to Dhaka for further testing to determine if she had ingested any pills. However, at this point, we are certain that this was a suicide.” Prof Emdadul, who also teaches at the medical college, said that he had never taught Raudha but knew that her parents were divorced.
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He declined to comment on why she may have committed suicide, saying: “The college authorities and the police are conducting their separate investigations. We will know more when they make their findings public.” Senior Assistant Commissioner (AC) Iftekhar Alam of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police said: “After the autopsy was done on Friday, Raudha’s family was still undecided as to where she was going to be buried. On Saturday morning, her father Mohammad Athif told the police that they had decided to bury her in Rajshahi and asked the police to make the necessary arrangements. “In line with their request, we arranged for her burial through the Quantum Foundation. We did not ask why she was not taken back to her own country for burial.” AC Iftekhar also said the Maldives consulate had taken permission from the Foreign Ministry to bury Raudha at Rajshahi. Raudha’s father Mohammad Athif lives in India, and her mother Aminath Muharmimath lives in the Maldives. College spokesperson Abdul Aziz said that Raudha’s tuition fees were paid on time through an intermediary account, but they did not know which one of her parents paid the fees.
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Abdul said: “Raudha’s family took her clothes, books, and other items as memento from her room at the girls’ dorm. The family will be leaving for the Maldives on Sunday.” Raudha had been living at the college dorm since January 14, 2016. Raudha was born on May 18, 1996. The 21-year-old’s body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan in her dorm room on Wednesday, March 29. She was on the cover of Vogue India magazine in October 2016.