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Note from a helpless mother

Note from a helpless mother
Dr Mubashar Hasan Collected

In Sha Allah, he’ll be back. But will we (his parents) be alive to see that day?

Law enforcers are yet to track down missing North South University teacher Dr Mubashar Hasan Cesar even after one month of his disappearance. His elderly parents are eagerly waiting for his return like his children.

How will Cesar return? How is he now? Hundreds of such questions always rotate around his mother’s mind all day long.

Cesar’s sister Tamanna Tasmin expressed their mother yearning in a Facebook post on Tuesday. The post has been replicated here for our readers.

“A Helpless Mother’s Note”

Whenever a car slows down in front of our home, my heart leaps with hope that this might be him. He’ll come out from the car and look up to ask money for rent. How will he come home? Will he take Uber or CNG? I will run downstairs shouting with joy. My agonizing knee pain will evaporate in minutes.

But no, my dream isn’t coming true.

He had that one set of cloths that he was wearing. It’s been 28 days now. I’ve ironed his cloths. Winter is a difficult season for him. I took out his warm cloths and put them in sunlight to refresh them. Every day I make his bed and clean all the furniture of his room.

Having Neem tree at home is good for health. The Neem tree that I planted under his balcony grew up to touch the roof. But he is the air blowing though leaves of that tree can’t touch him now.

His absence has made us all depressed. Relatives, friends are there for us. I’m known for my hospitality and friendliness but now I feel detached from everyone. They all have one question and I also have one same old answer.


Mubashar’s happiest day of the week would be those days when little Ariyana comes to our home. Her childish playfulness brightens up the house. She’d feed the birds and try to catch the cat’s tail. Her innocent mischievous giggle echoed like music in our home. Mubashar looked like the happiest man alive those days.

I don’t know if anyone has abducted him or not. But if anyone has kept him, please trust me, such an amiable person like him couldn’t think of hurting anyone even in his worst nightmare. I’m not saying this cause he is my son. The nationwide plea launched for finding him proves my statement true. I’d like for you to know that I pray from the core of my heart for those who (if) has kept him. May Allah bless you with the opportunity to be with your loved ones. So that no one else has to feel the tormenting agony we go through every day.

A different kind of fear haunts me these days. As if death has chosen this alley of ours for this season. Few months back one of our neighbor passed away. About ten days ago, another neighbor took her last breath. Is it now our turn?

In Sha Allah, he’ll be back. But will we (his parents) be alive to see that day?

I’ve stopped wiping the never-ending stream of tear off my eyes. In front of guests I freshen up but there’s the same old answer for everyone


Painful exhalations rip through his father’s heart, I fail to hide my tears and his sister has fallen victim of depression.

Isn’t there anyone in this whole wide world who can help this frustrated family of ours?

Can anyone bring my son back to me?

Mubashar’s Mom.

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