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Dengue outbreak shatters all records

  • Published at 09:58 pm October 13th, 2019
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Patients nearly doubled this year in comparison to the total from last 19 years

The number of dengue patients identified across Bangladesh this year so far is nearly double of the total diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease recorded in the past 19 years.

Between 2000 and 2018 end, some 50,176 dengue patients were identified around the country, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Breaking all records of the past recorded since 2000, the year when dengue outbreak was documented for the first time, the DGHS has also confirmed, a total 91,866 people were hospitalized throughout the country until on Sunday.

Dr Ayesha Akther, assistant director of the DGHS control room, said there was lack of preparation as the crisis worsened in June this year coming ahead of its usual time in September.

“Besides, although being an urban disease, dengue had a strong presence in the rural areas of the country as well this year.”

However, she added: “We will have to prepare ahead keeping this in our mind in the coming years.”

Between 2000 and 2019, 296 people had died from dengue across the country.

According to DGHS, Bangladesh saw the highest number of deaths — 93 — of dengue patients in 2000.

The confirmed number of deaths this year has already equalled with that, with some 90 more deaths yet to be confirmed.

Until yesterday, after examining 151 cases, the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) has confirmed that 93 dengue patients died between January 1 and October 13 this year alone.

IEDCR has received reports of 242 deaths from dengue.

Meanwhile, the official toll of deaths from the disease across the country currently stands over 180.

Meanwhile, the recent development in tackling the crisis has given some sort of relief to the people.

The number of new patients recorded countrywide every day has come down to less than or around 300 since October 8, according to DGHS control room.

Yesterday, as many as 1,132 people were admitted to different hospitals around the country, and 287 of them were hospitalized between Saturday and yesterday morning.

According to latest DGHS data, 38 patients were diagnosed with dengue in January, 18 in February, 17 in March, 58 in April, 193 in May, 1,884 in June, 16,253 in July, 52,636 in August, and 16,856 in September.

Over the past 13 days this month, 3,913 patients were diagnosed with dengue.