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Gemcon Literary Award given at Dhaka Lit Fest

  • Published at 12:12 am November 20th, 2016
  • Last updated at 01:14 am November 20th, 2016
Gemcon Literary Award given at Dhaka Lit Fest

Writer Moinul Ahsan Saber won this year’s Award for his novel “Abdul Jalil Je Karone Mara Gelo” and young writer Mustafiz Karigor won the Tarun Literary Award for his novel “Bostuborgo”.

Moinul Ahsan Saber has been given Tk8,00000 and Mustafiz Karigor has been given Tk2,00000 in prize money while each has also been given a crest.

Mustafiz Karigor expressed his joy by saying: “The award is a recognition, for me, it will inspire me to work more.”

Moinul Ahsan Saber said: “feeling happy to be awarded. If I am awarded I feel happy, if not I am not unhappy.”

The award ceremony was moderated by poet Shamim Reza. The Award was given at the Dhaka Lit Fest’s Main Stage at 5.30pm yesterday.

Writer and professor Syed Manzoorul Islam, Writer Jharna Rahman, Poet Akbar Ahmed from Tripura, and Jahar Sen Majumdar from Kolkata were on the jury board of the awards.

[caption id="attachment_34909" align="aligncenter" width="800"]WEB-Lit-2 Brac founder and chairman Sir Fazle Hasan Abed was among the distinguished speakers who concluded the ceremony Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune[/caption]

After the ceremony, the members of the jury board held a discussion on the awards around the world very briefly.

Before the award ceremony, K Anis Ahmed, Director of Gemcon Group and also Dhaka Lit Fest, thanked all the participants who sent their manuscripts for the award.

The award was given to inspire writers. Initially the award was named as the Kagoj Tarun Sahitya Puroskar, and it was renamed as the Best Book Award in 2003. It became the Gemcon Sahitya Puroskar in 2007.

The section of new titles that come in every year, from January to December, are divided into three phases on the basis of creativity and the originality of the publication. The Jury board make decisions independently.

Last year, Salma Bani won the award for her “Immigration” while Rubayet Ahmed was awarded with the Tarun Katha Sahitya Puroskhkar.The Gemcon Sahitya Puroshkar's 2014 recipient was Hasan Azizul Haq.

Ahmed Mostofa Kamal, Zakir Talukder, Selim Al Deen, Syed Shamsul Haq and Shahidul Zahir, Nirmalendu Goon were past recipients of the Gemcon Sahitya Puroshkar.