Government in search of ‘energetic’ civil surgeons
Moniruzzaman Uzzal

Over 100 doctors to be interviewed against 20 positions

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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is looking for ‘honest and energetic’ doctors to fill posts of district civil surgeons as a major reshuffle of the posts in different districts is expected very soon.

Civil surgeons supposed to retire within few months will be transferred to other institutes while those who are senior in terms of job tenure and are likely to continue working for the next two years or more will be recruited as new civil surgeons.

Health Minister Md Nasim has already directed to bring about any changes necessary to ensure increased monitoring and supervision of healthcare activities at the field level which in turn will ensure proper healthcare services, especially for the poor.

Health Ministry officials have made a list of more than 100 doctors and they will be interviewed at the ministry next week. Among the prospective interviewees, there are assistant directors, deputy civil surgeons and upazila health and family planning officers.

Following the interview, top ministry officials will draw up a shortlist of competent doctors to be recruited as civil surgeons.

Dr Shah Newaz, Director (administration) of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), told the Dhaka Tribune that a total of 110 doctors had been called for interview at the ministry on March 11 to prepare the shortlist.

Asked why the Health Ministry would interview more than 100 doctors against a mere 20 vacant posts, Dr Shah Newaz said it was the Health Minister’s order to recruit honest and energetic doctors in order to accelerate healthcare services.

The minister, if needed, has also advised to recruit new civil surgeons in different districts who might have failed to perform satisfactorily, Shah Newaz added.  

Several top Health Ministry and DGHS officials, preferring anonymity, told the Dhaka Tribune that a civil surgeon played key role in administering different healthcare activities in a district as he had to maintain administrative affairs as well as to look after the field-level tasks.

At present, in most cases, a doctor is promoted to civil surgeon at the fag end of his job. They are promoted just six month before they take retirement which often affects their efficiency as they get busy preparing papers required for retirement. Even those who are promoted on political consideration do not discharge their duties regularly.

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