Extradition treaty takes effect today
Mohosinul Karim

India and Bangladesh exchange ratification instruments at the home ministry

Bangladesh and India exchanged the ratification instruments of the extradition treaty on Wednesday.

The extradition treaty has been put into effect in the last hours of the current government ruling. 

Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Pankajk Saran and Senior Home Secretary CQK Mostak Ahmed signed the instruments on behalf of both countries and exchanged them.

The treaty is effective from now on, Pankaj Saran said afterwards. 

The Indian official added that the treaty will pave way for cooperation between India and Bangladesh in terms of counter-terrorism and extraditing prisoners.

Home Minister MK Alamgir and his Indian counterpart Sushil Singh inked the extradition treaty in January this year.

In order for the treaty to become effective, both countries needed to ratify concerning documents with respective parliaments and exchange them. 

India had ratified their documents long back.

However, the cabinet of Bangladesh approved the ratification papers before Eid-ul-Azha this month.

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