Great mothers deserve state recognition: ICT
Julfikar Ali Manik

'The bereaved family of martyred intellectuals started a new battle for survival, even the war of liberation ended,' said the verdict

  • Panna Kaiser, wife of mertyred journalist and writer Shahidullah Kaiser, one of the great mothers to be stately recognised 
    Photo- Nashirul Islam

Terming the widows of martyred intellectuals “great mothers” the International Crimes tribunal 2 on Sunday in its verdict strongly suggested that they should be awarded state acknowledgement for their struggle since 1971.

“It would not be out of place to pen the observation that the bereaved family of martyred intellectuals started a new battle for survival, even the war of liberation ended,” said the verdict that awarded death sentence to Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman for committing crimes against humanity through systematic killing of intellectuals.

The tribunal Chairman Justice Obaidul Hassan and its members Justice MdMozibur Rahman Miah and Justice MdShahinur Islam, on Sunday delivered the landmark judgment.

The verdict said: “Facing immeasurable hurdles the traumatised wives of martyrs remained on noble track in nourishing and bringing up their kids who lost their fathers despite untold pains and loss sustained.”

“Four decades after the horrific tragedy, tangibly the children of martyrs are now doctors, professors, journalists and highly educated experts working in international and multinational organisations,” the verdict said.

“This achievement surely might have laid enormous peace to the departed souls of their martyred fathers,”said theverdict.

“It reduces the pains of their worthy mothers too who had to fight numerous constraints and realities untiringly for keeping up the journey.”

“They are “great mothers” indeed and they deserve due state acknowledgement, we stress,” said the judges in their judgment.

The judges in their verdict also said, “We believe, the nation still bleeds for the untold trauma it sustained for the extreme criminal activities carried out to eliminate the illustrious intellectuals by the organised murderous enterprise formed of infamous al-Badr, the brainchild of Jamaat-e-Islami.”

“We believe too that the nation feels ashamed as it could not bring the notorious perpetrators to book over the last four decades for healing the relentless wound it sustained caused by the beastly act of systematic elimination of eminent sons and daughters of the soil,” read the verdict.

“We are convinced that through this process (trial) the nation has got occasion to stamp its humble recognition and homage to their immense and dauntless sacrifices,” said the verdict.

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