NCC approves designs flouting building code
Abu Hayat Mahmud

RAJUK detects one hundred thousand unplanned residential infrastructures in Dhaka-Narayanganj-Demra area

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Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) and different union parishads are still giving approval for housing and infrastructural designs which violate government rules and this is hampering Rajuk’s attempts to enforce the national building code.

According to officials of Rajuk (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha), it is difficult for the capital development authority to identify code violating buildings in the area under Dhaka-Narayanganj-Demra (DND) because NCC and different union parishads have been illegally approving designs to local land owners.

Rajuk sent a letter to the Ministry of Housing and Public Works recently asking for action to be taken to curb illegal or code violating approvals by NCC and local union parishads.

Before gazette publication of the 2010 Detailed Area Plan (DAP), approval of land use and design in DND projects was outside of Rajuk control. According to Rajuk’s land survey of the DAP area, there are 107,391 residential infrastructures that have been constructed in the area violation of the national building code. Authorised officer of Rajuk, Md Afsar Uddin told the Dhaka Tribune, Rajuk was “trying to stop such illegal activities by NCC and its adjacent unions” in the DAP area “We will send a letter to the related ministry to take initiatives against the illegal practice of approving design of land including DAP by NCC and the union parishads,”  he said.

The Rajuk official added by way of background to illustrate difficulties its staff have faced, that a Rajuk mobile court had to cease attempted evictions from some illegally constructed properties in the area last year, due to obstruction by local people, but said that further attempts would be made by a new team later this year. Rajuk has already sent show-cause notices to owners of around 500 buildings which have been illegally constructed.

He added that most local citizens in NCC and the union parishads have now started to seek design approvals from Rajuk and that out of 250 land owners known to have taken land-use release letters and 200 have taken it from Rajuk.

NCC denies that it is illegally approving designs. Narayanganj City Corporation Chief Executive Officer ABM Aminullah Nuri told the Dhaka Tribune, “We are giving design approval for housing and infrastructures only to the landowners who applied at the time while Narayanganj city was municipality. At present no new applicants are given design and approval by NCC.” 

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