‘Meet and Greet’ with Shironamhin’s new album
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Popular band Shironamhin is launching their 5th album titled “Shironamhin Shironamhin” through a series of programmes that starts today. The band members termed this project as “Meet and Greet” where they will able to get closer to the fans of different areas in the capital.

Dhaka Tribune caught up with this dynamic band consisting five members: Tanzir Tuhin (vocalist), Ziaur Rahman (bassist), Rashel Kabir (key-board player), Shafin Ahmed (drummer) and Diat Khan (guitarist).

Tell us about the series of launching programmes of the self titled album?
We have created the album based on our emotions, confession, demand, rage, and to see our dream turn into a beautiful reality. We will be available at the Incursion Headquarter today and will also be touring in Uttara on July 24, Gulshan on July 25, Dhanmondi on July 28, and Bashundhara City on August 2. These events have been chalked out to provide us the opportunity to meet with the fans personally.

In the events, there would be lyric pads, T-Shirt, guitar picks and mug for our fans as souvenir items of Shironamhin. Also, we will be distributing our album through digital distribution and collectors editions. Digitally distributing is being supported by the American company Qinetic Music.

Shironamhin will not be performing in these events but would premiere a music video at the Star Cineplex.

Why choosing the band title ‘Shironamhin’ (untitled) and why releasing a self-titled album in this point?
Our very first performance was held at a programme at TSC auditorium, University of Dhaka. We went to perform very casually and we were not bothered to have a title of our band. But the audience became simply mesmerised by our performance and were asking about the band name. Then we instantly came up with the name.

When we started to work for the new album, we had already four albums in our hand. We felt like the band is matured to establish a self titled album.

How many songs are featured in the album?
There are nine tracks and one bonus.

What sets this album apart from the previous ones?
The line up of the band has been subtly changed in this album. However, Shironamhin has a signature style and would always reach the audience’s expectations. It would continue with the same constructing of lyric, tune and composition. The lyric would always speak about the complexity of urban lifestyle. We do not experiment with any genre, as the band has its own unique style with an untitled genre.

What is the driving factor that holds your band together?
The members of the band belong to solvent families with good educational background. We believe financial solvency is an integrate part to continue with the band. Besides, we work as a team, we represent each other. Also, the band members are transparent enough to support other members. We do not have ego problems in such creative field. Moreover, we have not faced any “girl issues” in our band. As a whole we work as a team. On top of everything, besides being financially strong enough, the most important part is to be dedicated towards our work.

Where do “Shironamhin” stand now?
In one sentence, “Shironamhin” stands where the audience has placed them.

In the self titled album, which song is favourite among the band?
Tunin: These ten tracks are my babies. In the album, the songs “Hashi Mukh,” “Kash Bon” and “Michil,” I like the most
Ziaur: I’m deeply in touch with the song “Atotai.” Having given immense effort for three years in lyrics and editing, this song is very special to me.
Shafin: All the songs are my favourite. I like the song “Bristi Kabbo,” as I enjoy rain a lot. The song represents the urban allegory in rainy days.
Rashel: “Briti Kabbo,” “Michil,” and “Shonshon, Jodio Kashbon.”
Diat: I find the lyrics of “Shonshon, Jodio Kashbon” amazing.  

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