Tuesday October 17, 2017 01:05 PM

  • Twisting  the narrative

    Twisting the narrative

    Myanmar’s insistence that the campaign is merely a response to the ARSA attack thus no longer holds water

  • Fix the leak

    Fix the leak

    We have too many problems, from textbooks riddled with errors and sexist narratives, to politically motivated school administrations

  • The case of the missing militant

    The case of the missing militant

    Disappearances are, unfortunately, a recurring problem for us as a nation

  • Redefining public transport

    Redefining public transport

    The introduction of the Rapid Pass is probably one of the most important steps towards revolutionising our current public transport system

  • No more hunger

    No more hunger

    Despite all the progress we have made, hunger continues to be a problem for the nation

  • Myanmar’s great lie

    Myanmar’s great lie

    The international community should be past the point of wondering whether or not ethnic cleansing is really going on in the Rakhine state

  • Are we prepared?

    Are we prepared?

    Creating awareness about earthquake preparation would go a long way. So far, many still remain in the dark with regards to how to respond when disaster strikes

  • Just press pay

    Just press pay

    Digital payments can save billions in saving time by making banking and other administrative procedures seamless and hassle-free

  • Speed it up

    Speed it up

    No further delays can be excused

  • A place  to heal

    A place to heal

    The sad truth is that the number of schools which have been set up is nowhere near enough to cater to the vast pool of Rohingya children who need help

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