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  • There is no Planet B

    There is no Planet B

    There are few challenges in the world today that can match, in their magnitude of impact and urgency, that of climate change

  • A culture of violence

    A culture of violence

    Whether it be on the street or in our homes, violence is a key aspect of Bangladeshi culture. While it is nice to believe that we have progressed socially, it is sad that so many of our disputes and disagreements see their end in a raised hand. In a recent study, it was found that

  • Honouring Begum Rokeya’s legacy

    Honouring Begum Rokeya’s legacy

    Begum Rokeya had a vision. Let’s work to make that vision come true

  • Sharing is caring

    Sharing is caring

    These companies are providing immediate relief and immeasurable benefits to thousands of users

  • Freeing up our highways

    Freeing up our highways

    To end the bane of traffic congestion, we need to focus on railway lines — there is no other way

  • Realising the digital dream

    Realising the digital dream

    We also need to ensure internet freedom for all for a truly digital future

  • Tapping into the potential of the Sundarbans

    Tapping into the potential of the Sundarbans

    We should feel compelled to protect its many riches, and allow it to nourish Bangladesh with its bounty

  • Up, up,  and beyond

    Up, up, and beyond

    Bangladesh is full of potential, and we need to make it easy for businesses to grow and expand

  • Protecting children from exploitation

    Protecting children from exploitation

    The way forward is to legislate against such discriminatory practices, rather than allowing child marriage, even in special cases

  • A worrying trend

    A worrying trend

    It serves no purpose to play blame games, but our law enforcement personnel, at the very least, have a responsibility make the public feel safe

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