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  • Featured office: Maverick Studio

    Featured office: Maverick Studio

    We often make little to no effort improving the aesthetic value of our workplace where we spend most of our time. A glimpse at Maverick Studios’ office proves that cosy, fun and inspiring can go hand in hand even at workplace.

  • Don’t let me go: Why good employees leave

    Don’t let me go: Why good employees leave

    Understanding brownout, and how to prevent it

  • ‘BRAC Services Ltd is a unique name in hospitality sector’ -Dalton Zahir

    ‘BRAC Services Ltd is a unique name in hospitality sector’ -Dalton Zahir

    Mohammad Zahirul Islam is known in the trade as Dalton Zahir, the head of Sales and Marketing of BRAC Services Ltd (BSL). BSL includes BRAC Centre Inn Mohakhali, BRAC CDM Rajendrapur, BRAC CDM Savar, and the Artisan boutique hotel Uttara. He has 17 years of experience in hospitality, tourism, public relations, media and communications, branding, sales, marketing and business operations. He also worked for the Rose View Hotel Sylhet, Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf Sylhet, Ocean Paradise Hotel and Resort Cox’s Bazar, Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan, Motorola Mobile, Apple Computer, Philips Mobile and Fujifilm Digital Camera Distribution in Bangladesh office (Jel Corp HQ in Singapore).
    A tete-a-tete with Zahirul Islam draws us a picture of what to expect next from BSL.

  • How to ask for a raise (and actually get it)

    How to ask for a raise (and actually get it)

    You are long overdue for a raise, and your boss doesn’t seem to be doing anything about giving you one. Even if you know you deserve a higher salary, you, in the same way as other people, might be reluctant to ask for a raise. You have three choices. You can do nothing – but then you may remain at a similar pay indefinitely. You can search for a new job that pays more. Or, on the other hand, you can request a raise. Obviously, sitting around and waiting for your supervisor to make the main move hasn’t worked up until now and searching for another job can be a major hassle.

  • Mouthwatering murgh makhani

    Mouthwatering murgh makhani

    A hearty delicacy made rich and flavourful with an array of spices and a mild hot curry sauce, Murgh Makhani is a treat for the masses. In all its glory, it’ll leave you salivating in anticipation and sighing with satisfaction.

  • Pitch please

    Pitch please

    How to make the perfect pitch

  • Bling TLC

    Bling TLC

    4 ways to care for your jewellery

  • Fall fashionista: Back to school edition

    Fall fashionista: Back to school edition

    Chic and classy; no better way to start the new semester

  • Oops! I did it again

    Oops! I did it again

    Wardrobe malfunctions at work, and how to deal

  • Ethnic menswear at work

    Ethnic menswear at work

    The fabrics, embellishments and sidekicks that would work

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