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  • On music

    On music

    Music is special. Almost everyone feels something in its presence. Almost no one feels the same

  • Do it like a girl

    Do it like a girl

    Even in this era of neo-liberalism and equality, there are people living under rocks who believe women cannot accomplish what a man can. There are many movies which portray the sheer strength of a woman.  This strength is not merely of the body but also the mind. Biopics of women with immense grit are up for grabs.

  • Touring El Nido, Philippines

    Touring El Nido, Philippines

    Exploring Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Seven Commando Beach and Shimizu Island

  • Dhaka’s heritage heroes

    Dhaka’s heritage heroes

    The Urban Study Group comprises concerned architects and local volunteers on a crusade to protect the heritage and cultural fabric of Puran Dhaka, calling to preserve over 2,500 historic buildings.

  • #PressforProgress


    This International Women’s Day, Foodpanda unveils how female restaurant partners stand out in a male-dominated industry

  • ‘Our mantra is innovation’

    ‘Our mantra is innovation’

    The new, innovative version of Yellow Submarine in town

  • Unsocial networks

    Unsocial networks

    Unfriending isn’t as easy as you think

  • Let there be light

    Let there be light

    This page is seriously lit!

  • Education helps curb trafficking in California

    Education helps curb trafficking in California

    Dhaka Tribune’s staff reporter Afrose Jahan Chaity was one of the 20 international journalists taking part in Foreign Press Center’s ‘Combating Trafficking in Persons’ reporting tour. The group traveled to Washington DC, Texas and Los Angeles for the two-week program, sponsored by the United States government. This report was produced as part of that program

  • Kotha’r chinta

    Kotha’r chinta

    Lingua Dhaka (and my discontent)

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