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  • Social Business Youth Summit 2015 held at KIB

    The Dhaka-based Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) organised the Social Business Youth Summit 2015 on Monday, under the guidance of the Yunus Centre.

    The summit was organised to create a platform of social business where the youth can interact, meet and learn from professionals in the field. There were students from all across Bangladesh as well as different countries including Australia, Japan, Morocco, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

  • BTI launches newly initiated apartment category “BTI Standard Collection”

    One of the pioneers in real estate and housing sector business in Bangladesh, Building Technology and Ideas Ltd (Bti) has recently launched “Bti Standard Collection” — a new apartment category introduced by Bti. By initiating this project, Bti has added a brand new chapter to its rich tradition. On that occasion, a press conference was held on May 30 at Bti Celebration Point, Gulshan.

  • The commuting cost challenge

    The commuting cost challenge

    Travel expenses soar but flexible working provides a solutionThe cost of travelling to work has almost doubled over the past five years, with new research by global workplace provider Regus revealing that workers worldwide now spend an average of 5% of their net take-home income on their annual commute. The study surveyed more than 44,000 senior business people across more than 100 countries.

  • Web Able on the go

    An inspiration for young entrepreneurs One is usually accustomed to hearing about the iconic stories of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick whose entrepreneurial pursuits began from their dorm rooms before rising to the pinnacle of the modern tech industry. Today, let’s focus on a similar pursuittaken up by one aspiring entrepreneur and learn about his motivation, aspirations and goals.

  • Social Business Youth Summit ’15 to be held today

    Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) has organised Social Business Youth Summit 2015, under the guidance of the Yunus Centre at Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh from 9am to 7pm. 

    The summit has been organised keeping in mind the youth of Bangladesh and holds potential for a platform where 600 youths from borders will get the opportunity to interact with esteemed personnel in the field of social business.

  • The Boot Loot

    Leave no collection unfinishedThe problem

    It’s no real surprise that football boot collectors living in this country have a terribly hard time with their collections. There are far too many knock-offs being sold around the country, and being an avid collector myself I know that these boots will not be satisfactory. The problems we face are these knock-offs, unavailability and even when they are available, their ridiculous prices. But what are the reasons behind such a sad state of affairs? What is really stopping us from achieving true collector status?

  • Some strings attached

    Some strings attached

    Diving into an ocean of melodyThe problem

    There comes a point in everyone’s life when they become wildly fascinated by a particular activity. Most of us would label it as no more than a passive inclination, but for some it may turn out to be the first step towards truly mastering an art form.

    The cause

    However, some perceived obstacle usually stops them from delving further into the subject. Most often than not, the obstacle is lack of information, or the availability of necessary resources and the consequent uncertainty that follows.

  • Gearing up for a stunning personality

    The problem

  • IUB debate club wins Chittagong debate championship

    IUB debate club wins Chittagong debate championship

    The best debators of Chittagong and Dhaka clashed in a battle of logic and rhetoric from May 1st to 3rd in an English debate tournament designed to increase co-operation and exposure between debating communities from the two cities.

    The tournament was arranged by International Organisation, Junior Chambers International in conjunction with the Chittagong School of Business and Humanities and Debating organisation, and Performance Enhancing Debates. The grand final & gala dinner were held in style at the Chittagong Khulshi Club.

  • Driving insane

    Driving insane

    The good, the stoned and the loadedThe traffic is crazy this time of the year. Or is it just the drivers?

    Find out which:


    The NFS

    Now, if you live in Dhanmondi, you’re probably already familiar with the sudden whoosh of cars zipping away into the streets of the residential area, and music blasting at full volume. Yes, they’re having way too much fun with eating Daddy’s money and their unlimited free time to care about your discomfort.


    The Road Rager

  • Sparking up changes: Bangladesh Startup Cup 2014

    A glimpse of the four teams who made it through to the final round of Startup Cup Bangladesh 2014Startup Cup was launched in Bangladesh in 2014, and tonight will mark the celebration of the completion of Bangladesh Startup Cup 2014. Sean Griffin, Founder of StartUp Cup will be present as chief guest, along with Ms Araksia Martirossian, StartUp Cup, Vice President of Entrepreneurial Community Development.

  • Samdani Seminars: Art in body steps

    It is an open space. As you walk forward across the balcony, the man who is smothered in grey paint comes alive.

    He is moving around in a circle that he has painted on the floor. There are bags of raw meat next to him.

    “They’re full of chicken livers,” a spectator tells me. The artist, Atish Saha, then goes on to open the bags of meat and tie the pieces to his limbs and hangs them around his neck.

  • Samdani Seminars: Art in body steps

     It is an open space. As you walk forward across the balcony, the man who is smothered in grey paint comes alive.

    He is moving around in a circle that he has painted on the floor. There are bags of raw meat next to him.

    “They’re full of chicken livers,” a spectator tells me. The artist, Atish Saha, then goes on to open the bags of meat and tie the pieces to his limbs and hangs them around his neck.

  • History becomes art

    History becomes art

    For the first time in Bangladesh, our upcoming generation is gifted with a series of graphic novels from promising youngsters. The matter of joy is the journey with the autobiography of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and limbering up for a new doorway to know the history and our cultureOn March 17, a hall was filled with colourful little angels awaiting for a book filled with lots of colours, characters and a history of Mujib and his unknown moments as architect of our nation. The first episode of the autobiography of Bangabandhu, with eleven more episodes calculated to be published and spread more light of his great humanity and leadership. 

  • In-game sweatshops

    A game that showcases the complexities of child labour in BangladeshI have a dreadful confession to make – it turns out that I have been complicit in condoning child labour in Bangladesh. As the co-owner of European Leather Industries (ELI, for short), we only wanted what was best for our customers.

  • a2i programme launches through Magnito Digital

    a2i programme launches through Magnito Digital

    Magnito Digital wins the digital marketing account of a2i programmeKabir Bin Anwar, project director of Access to Information (a2i) and director general, prime minister's office and Riyad Husain, CEO of Magnito Digital, signed to make Magnito Digital the official digital marketing agency of Access to Information (a2i) Programme on all digital platforms on March 12 at the Daily Star Centre.

    The Access to Information (a2i) Programme is supported by the United Nations Development Programme and USAid, and will be active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media till February 2016.

  • Transitional wear 101

    Transitional wear 101

    The weather, recently has been too crazy to deal with! The sun shines and makes you realise that the harsh summer is already peeking through spring but then again, the evenings are so deliciously chilly, that you fall in love with it. Such transitional weather visits us about twice, each year, fall and spring. It’s time to play with layers and finding out what suits you best. TMAG brings you a full-proof guide for this year’s transitional weather, from the cool winter onto the colourful springThe art of layering
    We at TMAG always focus on layering, why? Because it is so important! The theory of piling clothes, bearing in mind their weight and warmth, seems relatively easy as you are using what’s already in your wardrobe. However, if you do not put in much thought behind it, you might just end up looking helplessly buff. 

  • Popular pizza chain Sbarro in Dhaka

    Sbarro is now available in over 1,000 locations around the worldSbarro, one of the most popular pizza chains in American, is available in the capital city of Dhaka for the first time, according to a press release.

    KB Foods Limited, a sister concern of Khan Bahadur Group, brought the franchise of the Sbarro offering the real taste of American's favorite pizza for the people of Bangladesh.

    The first-ever exclusive outlet of Sbarro was opened in the city's 155/A Gulshan Avenue.

    In 1956, Sbarro was founded by Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro at Brooklyn in New York.

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