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  • ECB concerned, monitoring Dhaka closely

    ECB concerned, monitoring Dhaka closely

    According to the ECB, it will ‘work closely’ with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its own security experts over the coming months

  • All’s good in the Mariner camp

    All’s good in the Mariner camp

    Mariner’s credentials were visible from the beginning of the season when they decided to form a stronger squad than the previous seasons

  • Growing up with books

    Growing up with books

    In this time and age when reading habits are being replaced by watching habits, children are naturally more exposed to movies and video games than to books. All those sleek gadgets or special effect-rich images of movies keep them occupied when they are not reading the textbooks. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you, “Where

  • For the love of whales

    For the love of whales

    A few weeks back, Arts & Letters received an interview with a Marine biologist who specialises in the whales. The interview was taken by a science writer who writes mostly in Bangla. In a note, the interviewer explained what interested her to go for this interview. She wrote, “ Very recently, I’ve grown a fondness for whales. While reading about them, I came across an interview of Asha de Vos, a whale researcher from Sri Lanka, who, facing all the challenges in a male-dominated profession, has become a new generation hero of the ocean. She has called upon the young Srilankans to love the sea and to preserve the treasures of the sea. In her interviews, she frequently refers to Sir Arthur C Clarke, one of the most celebrated science fiction authors, which piqued my curiosity further.” Arts & Letters is keen on giving space to science writing. So we decided to carry the interview to know more about Arthur C Clarke and the whale population in the waters of Sri Lanka. Asha de Vos is a TED Fellow researching on marine mammals. She got degrees from the Universities of St Andrews and Oxford. She got her PhD from the University of Western Australia. She oversees the Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project, the first long-term study on blue whales in the northern Indian Ocean.

  • Magic realism in context

    Magic realism in context

    In 1925, Franz Roh coined the now-famous phrase “magic realism”, though the idea was widely spread by the writers of the Latin American Boom, especially through the immense popularity of Garcia Marquez‘s  novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude. But if we look at it more attentively, we will find that the words, “magia” (magic) and

  • Captain Suresh Biswas, myth and reality

    Captain Suresh Biswas, myth and reality

    “… he had a hero. Another Bengali, who left home a hundred years ago and went to England, working as crew on a ship. Eventually, he ended up in Brazil – or was it Mexico? – and joined its army. He became a colonel and greatly impressed everyone by his valor and courage.’ ‘Do you

  • Drinkit awarded 5 story writers

    Drinkit awarded 5 story writers

    ‘Tomar Golpe Sobar Eid’, a Bangla story writing competition jointly organised by Drinkit, a water purifier of RFL and private television channel Boishakhi, awarded five best story writers. The winners were Asif Imtiaz, Sakib Chowdhury, Eleash Nahid, Humayun Rashid and Tamim Rahman. Drinkit and Boishakhi arranged the contest for creating young playwrights in Bangladesh. The

  • The novel that is yet to be written

    The novel that is yet to be written

    Both the younger and older generations of writers have written stories on the biggest achievement of our history

  • Creative at home

    Creative at home

    Recycling doesn’t get craftier than this

  • The 6 pack band feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

    The 6 pack band feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently sang with the 6 pack band, the first ever trans musical group from India that also features the likes of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in their music video.

  • Lakhindar Babu, please listen

    Lakhindar Babu, please listen

    Shawkat Ali is a leading Bangladeshi fiction writer. His most notable novels include Prodoshe Prakritojon, Daksninayaner Din, Kulay Kalosrot and Purbaratri Purbadin, among many others. He has also written many excellent short stories. In the story ‘Lakhindar Babu, please listen’, he has attempted to deconstruct the mythical story of Behula and Lakhindar. In the original myth, Chand Saudagor, his son Lakhindar and his daughter-in-law Behula are devotees of Shiva and given a superior status whereas the goddess Manasa is relegated to a much lower rank. Gupinath, the snake charmer and a devotee of Manasa, revolts against this myth and claims that such mythical narratives are intended to protect the interest of the rich. His revolt, however, has a material basis. Identifying Lakkhikanto, a rich merchant, with Lakhindar, he demands the rich pay off all their debts to the poor, debts that have accumulated from time immemorial. Here we publish a truncated version of the story in English translation.

  • LRB releases new album Rakhe Allah Mare Ke

    LRB releases new album Rakhe Allah Mare Ke

    After a hiatus of four long years, LRB is back and kicking with their latest album, Rakhe Allah mare ke this Eid.

  • Lautner is still just Jacob

    Lautner is still just Jacob

    Taylor Lautner was introduced in Hollywood as the next big thing when The Twilight Saga was at its peak. And then he just wasn’t there in the picture anymore, both literally and figuratively.

  • History for youngsters

    History for youngsters

    This emotional appeal serves the story very well as it is written and prepared in the first person, drawing profusely from Bangabandhu’s Unfinished Memoir

  • Man United confirm Giggs departure

    Man United confirm Giggs departure

    Giggs worked in coaching roles with Moyes and Van Gaal after Ferguson retired in 2013 but decided not to seek a role alongside current coach Mourinho

  • Top five startups meet investors at demo day

    Top five startups meet investors at demo day

    After 4 months with the GP Accelerator program, five startups got the opportunity to present their businesses in front of more than 100 attendees, including investors and professionals on Demo Day, at the GPHouse recently. Rajeev Sethi, CEO of Grameenphone, launched the event by reiterating the journey of the Grameenphone Accelerator program. Before the speeches

  • This is an emergency

    This is an emergency

    In this vat of ignorance and hate that we have created, extremism thrives

  • What’s going on in this world of mine?

    What’s going on in this world of mine?

    Consider this my plea for human life

  • The beginning of the end

    The beginning of the end

    We will look back and see this night as the point where we began to fade

  • Dark days are over as Wales celebrate first ever semi-final

    Dark days are over as Wales celebrate first ever semi-final

    Wales lost only one game in qualifying for Euros 2016, taking four points off Belgium in the process, and have not looked back since arriving in France

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