Wednesday February 21, 2018 03:24 AM

  • Remember the forgotten children

    End the silence surrounding everyday abuse and exploitation of children It is right that the recent high profile murders of 12-year-old Md Rakibul Islam in Khulna and 13-year-old Sheikh Samiul Alam Rajon in Sylhet, have given rise to public debate about the need for society to do more to protect children,

    However, it is important to remember that these high-profile cases represent only the tip of the iceberg of the problem. Abuse and exploitation of children go on daily hidden from public view and discussion.

  • Ode to pornography

    Pornography can be a terrible thing.

    Ever since the invention of the Internet, its presence has infiltrated our lives, surreptitiously occupying the screens of our computers and phones. Nudity and perceived lewdness has presented itself in a range of forms, from the most accepted and traditional of formats to the societally deemed grotesque, in an almost violent mishmash of instant sexual gratification.

  • Saving the Manipuri way of life

    Manipur, especially the Imphal valley, is in the throes of an extra-ordinary mass movement around the Inner Line Permit (ILP) issue, in the face of relentless curfews. 

    Protesters have been killed and wounded by official men in Khaki uniforms as part of “duty.” That we do not hear more about it is because there is no senile “Gandhian” or Gurgaon candle-holder or tri-colour self-righteousness involved. Of course the other reason is the purported “insignificance” of Manipur in the national scene. 

  • Cricket, the great leveler

    Not too long ago, India, England, and Australia had placed on their shoulders the task of “re-organising” the world of cricket. Pompously, they declared themselves the leaders of international cricket — its Brahmins.

    They believed that teams such as Bangladesh couldn’t be allowed to play cricket with them and a few others. This trio would decide who would be fit and unfit to play cricket with their kind. They wanted to divide international cricket into blue blood and the rest.

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