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  • Govt to miss child labour eradication deadline

    Govt to miss child labour eradication deadline

    The government is set to miss the target for eliminating child labour by 2015 as per a policy mainly due to a lack of willingness to accomplish the task, child rights activists and campaigners have said.

    A large number of children are still employed in different forms of hazardous jobs as measures taken under the National Plan of Action (NPA), which is tasked with implementing the policy by 2016, also remain unimplemented, they say.

    By the look of things, the NPA will also fail to meet its deadline.

  • Experts: Domestic work hinders children’s development

    Domestic work should be enlisted as hazardous for children, as such work causes hindrance in a child’s physical, mental and moral development, children’s rights activists said at a discussion yesterday.

    If domestic work is not included in the Ministry of Labour and Employment’s list of jobs that are hazardous for children, then a good number of children will remain invisible in the efforts to eradicate child labour in the country, said Abdullah Al Mamun, programme manager at Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) and one of the speakers at the discussion.

  • Subsidy halved over four years

    The government’s subsidy spending on different sectors will decrease by almost half,  as a percentage of GDP,  next fiscal year compared to what it was four years ago – thanks mainly to a substantial fall in fuel oil prices in the international market.

    The subsidy allocation of Tk25,573 crore for fiscal year 2015-16 is estimated to be 1.5% of GDP – much lower than 2.8% actual spending in 2012-13 and 2.7% in 2011-12, according to the Finance Division estimates.

  • Police hunt for Jihadi Group kingpin

    The law enforcers are looking for Abdullah Asad, the kingpin of Bangladesh Jihadi Group – a platform that hosts members of banned militant organisations with an aim to grab power and establish Islamic law in the country.

    Detectives came to know about his activities after the arrest of nine members of the group including their spiritual leader, Maulana Nurullah Kashemi, on Sunday.

  • MP’s son admits to shooting

    Bakhtiar Alam Rony, son of a ruling party lawmaker, during remand has admitted that he shot at people in the Dilu Road area on April 13 under the influence of alcohol.

    Rony, however, claimed he had no idea about the death of two persons in the shooting, officials of Detective Branch of police dealing with the case said yesterday.

    Son of lawmaker Pinu Khan, also general secretary of Mahila Awami League, Rony was interrogated in DB custody for the third day yesterday.

  • Tight security for Ramadan

    Police has taken all-out initiatives to beef up security in the entire country ahead of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.

    To ensure free and safe movement for people during the holy month and Eid celebration without any disturbance, police decided to tighten security and decided not to search any vehicle without prior information.

    Police has also adopted zero tolerance policy against any kind of drug abuse in the country during Ramadan and decided to extend its regular patrolling until late night.

  • Six die in Meghna trawler capsize

    Six die in Meghna trawler capsize

    Six bodies were recovered as of last evening after a trawler with more than a hundred passengers on board sank in the Meghna River in Bhola’s Manpura upazila in the morning.

    The six are Ayesha Begum, 70, Jesmin, 22, Rupa, 3, Rony, 2, Tanzu, 3 and Tahmina, 3.

    The trawler’s hull developed cracks due to strong currents in the river and caused the vessel to capsize after it reached a place equally distant from Katakhal in Ramnewaz and Dhalchar.

  • Cabinet calls for integrated land management policy

    The cabinet has called for the formulation of an integrated land management policy involving several government departments in order to retrieve public land under illegal occupation.

    Thousands of hectares of government-owned land abutting roads and railways are currently in the illegal possession of various agencies and individuals.

    The aim is to generate revenue by leasing the land or constructing commercial complexes for rent, sources said.

  • Plans on for an Ilish conservation fund

    The government has plans to introduce a dedicated fund for protecting the most popular fish in the country, Ilish.

    The initiative for the Hilsha Conservation Trust Fund is now at the primary level and is likely to hold more discussions before being finalised, said Syed Arif Azad, director general of the Department of Fisheries. He was speaking at a discussion in Dhaka yesterday.

  • 2 kidnapped minors’ bodies recovered

    Law enforcers yesterday recovered bodies of two minors from different parts of the city who were kidnapped. They also arrested five for their alleged involvement in this. One of the victims has been missing for about four months.

    The deceased are Abul Bashar, 11, son of Lokman Geda from Chotobighai area of Patuakhali, and Rifat, son Rafiqul Islam from Lalbagh in Dhaka.

  • Firebomb has left little Safir traumatised forever

    Firebomb has left little Safir traumatised forever

    Some scars sear themselves into the psyche of a young mind and cannot be healed even after a lifetime of happy moments.

    “Fire! Fire! Fire!” Scared to death by a real-life nightmare that haunts him, little Safir would wake up screaming in the middle of virtually every other night.

    The three-year-old boy suffered 17% burns when the bus he was travelling in along with his parents was firebombed by pickets in Narayanganj on January 18, when the BNP had been enforcing a non-stop blockade.

  • 10 cleared of custodial death charges

    Ten accused persons, including five policemen and an Ansar member, were released yesterday from a case filed over the death of a rape-accused in police custody in Chittagong.

    They are Sub-Inspector Amir Hossain of Panchlaish police station, Assistant Sub-Inspector Enyaet Hossain of Bakalia police station, Constables Mizanur Rahman, Moslem and Khokon Mia of Panchlaish police station, Ansar member Shahinur Alam, driver Akbar of Panchlaish police station, police informants Md Jamal and Humayun Kabir, and Harunur Rashid Duke, a local man.

  • Three killed in city

    At least three people including a woman were killed in separate incidents in different areas of the capital yesterday.

    Miscreants shot dead Md Jahidul Islam, 40, at his shop Medicare Medicine Corner at Block C of Pallabi around midnight. He was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where duty doctors declared him dead. Pallabi OC police Dadon Bhuiyan could not confirm the motive for the murder.

  • River erosion wreaks havoc in Kurigram

    Though the monsoon is yet to set in, river erosion in Kurigram’s Jatrapur has already taken a destructive turn due to the incessant rain and gushing water from the nearby hills.

    South and North Garuhara areas of Jatrapur are the worst affected as villagers are fast losing homesteads and farmlands due to the erosion.

    The erosion is caused by the Dudhkumar River, which runs through the Jatrapur union. The river has been swelling for the last few weeks causing strong and swirling waves.

  • 9 killed in road accidents in 4 districts

    At least nine people were killed in separate road accidents in Natore, Dinajpur ,Bogra and Manikganj districts yesterday.

    Our Natore correspondent reports: Three people were killed as a truck overturned on the road in Atrai bridge toll plaza area of Singra upazila in the morning.

    The deceased were identified as Shahin, Shuvo and Chhoton.

    Police said the accident took place when the truck overturned on the road breaking a jack liver while it was being repaired in the area around 12:30am, leaving Shahin dead on the spot and two others injured.

  • Rain brings water stagnation and tailbacks on Dhaka streets

    Rain brings water stagnation and tailbacks on Dhaka streets

    Following yesterday morning’s heavy downpour in the capital, Dhaka streets experienced what it sees regularly each year during monsoon – stagnated water and long tailbacks on its roads.

    Although Dhaka commuters are familiar with traffic jams, their sufferings reached a different level yesterday as they had to wade through knee-high waters while looking for public transport – which also remained scarce because of slow traffic movement on the busiest streets in the city.

  • Bangladesh forges ahead

    Bangladesh forges ahead

    It is the health of the economy that determines the fate of our 160 million people, and therefore must be a priority if we are to pull people out of poverty and raise living standards for allWe are delighted to hear that Bangladesh has jumped up 14 places globally in the GDP ranking, securing the 44th position this time around.

    It is testament to our resilience as a nation that we have achieved such remarkable economic growth in spite of experiencing political unrest in the past year.

    The GDP growth figures show how far we have progressed, and what we can realistically expect in the coming years.

  • Sex and the single girl, Bangladeshi-style

    Sex and the single girl, Bangladeshi-style

    The result of restricting the acceptability of sex to marriage is not fewer girls having sex at a younger age, it is more girls getting married at a younger ageThere are few issues which are so apparently cut and dried as the age of marriage for women.

    It seems self-evident that lowering the age from 18 to 16, as the government proposes to do, is a poor idea, and I hope that the government listens to the legions of experts and critics of the proposed legislation, and that good sense prevails.

    The argument that the age of marriage is 16 in many other countries such as the UK (with parental consent) is irrelevant to the case at hand.

  • Same beast, different jungle

    Same beast, different jungle

    Idiotic analogies like PM being the family-head/elder brother and CM being younger brother are not only false, but deliberately mischievous 

    The subcontinent has a special place for smiling photgraphs of “great leaders,” “slightly less-than-great” leaders, those paying for putting up the photographs of the “great” and “slightly less-than-great” and so on.

  • You’ll never believe how the Internet is making you hate everything!

    You’ll never believe how the Internet is making you hate everything!

    This attitude is a blatant insult to the reader’s intellect, and does absolutely nothing to bring public sensitivity towards issues that warrant itYou probably don’t know this yet, but you are an idiot. Not just your average generic brand idiot, but the worst kind of idiot — the intolerant kind. The Internet media is never shy about letting you know this too, seeing how the canvas approach in tackling social issues these days seems to be just this: “Since everyone is so imprudent and intolerant, we the publication, as the sole warriors of social justice in a land blighted by bigotry and hatred, have taken it upon ourselves to educate its unwashed masses.”

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