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  • Bangladeshi-British women stride into UK parliament

    Bangladeshi-British women stride into UK parliament

    Three British citizens of Bangladeshi origin were elected members of parliament in the United Kingdom general elections yesterday, all on Labour party tickets.

    Rushanara Ali convincingly defended her Bethnal Green and Bow seat securing 32,387 votes while her nearest contender Conservative Matthew Smith won just 8,070.

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s niece Tulip Siddiq ousted the Conservatives in the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency with 23,977 votes.

  • Being a mother in Bangladesh still a challenge

    As Bangladesh gets set to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, the country has fared among the best in the region in the State of the World’s Mothers index. But the region as a whole has a long way to go.

    The ranking, compiled by Save the Children each year, to determine which countries are the best places to be a mother put Bangladesh in at 130th place.

    Although performing poorly overall, Bangladesh fared better than its neighbours; India was ranked 140th, Pakistan 149th, and Myanmar 158th.

  • Rogue Russian spacecraft burns up in Earth’s atmosphere

    The Russian space agency said its out-of-control spacecraft had burnt up as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Re-entry was over the Pacific, it said, and only a few fragments were expected to hit the sea.

    The unmanned cargo ship was launched from Kazakhstan on April 28, but control was lost soon afterwards.

    The Progress M-27M was carrying more than three tonnes of supplies to the International Space Station.

  • Beyond LBA: Expectations, challenges

    Beyond LBA: Expectations, challenges

    Analysts stress need for caution so as not to inflict more sufferings on enclave peopleBangladesh’s border is set to lose much of its peculiarity with India’s passage of a bill that ratified a 1974 land boundary deal between the two neighbours, paving the way for rehabilitation and resettlement of the inhabitants.

    The peculiarity, more like anomalies, stems from the numerous sovereign enclaves – over 160, of which several are enclaves within enclaves – where inhabitants remained in a virtual state of statelessness for decades without any modern amenities that their fellow citizens enjoy.

  • Sheikh Hasina wonders how one can support BNP

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday wondered how a section of people can support BNP and vote for them although Khaleda Zia and BNP-Jamaat burned hundreds of people to death in the name of hartal and blockade.

    “Khaleda Zia and BNP-Jamaat burned hundreds of people to death and caused untold sufferings to many in the name of movement. Despite that, how could some people stand in favour of that party (BNP) and vote for them…I don’t find any answer to it,” she said.

  • Most blockade violence cases yet to be probed

    Despite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive on quick completion of cases related to blockade violence, law enforcers are yet to submit charge sheets in most of the cases.

    Following the instruction of the prime minister, the police headquarters asked its officials concerned to expedite the case procedures shortly, said a source in the police headquarters.

    Nearly two thousand cases have so far been filed against leaders and activists of the BNP-led 20-party alliance for their involvement in violence during the three-month-long blockade and shutdowns.

  • AL leader: Khaleda must face trial for every killing

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia will have to face trial in every murder case filed against her for burning and killing innocent people in the name of nationwide blockade earlier this year, several Awami League leaders said yesterday.

    They further said Khaleda also must stand trial for her conspiracy and attack on common people in the capital’s Karwan Bazar area during the city polls campaign last month.

    The ruling party leaders made these remarks at different events around Dhaka yesterday.

  • BNP: Conspiracies on to destroy opposition

    Criticising the government for its “repressive acts,” BNP yesterday alleged that various conspiracies are being hatched to destroy the opposition.

    “The country is going through a critical time. There is no democracy and freedom of expression in the country. Our leader Khaleda Zia has been charge with false cases. Imaginary and absurd allegations have been brought against her,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon.

  • 3 human traffickers killed in gunfight with Teknaf police

    Three suspected human traffickers were killed during a gunfight with the police at Teknaf beach of Cox’s Bazar early yesterday.

    The three deceased were from bordering Teknaf upazila, said Teknaf police. They were identified as Dhalu Hossen, 55, Jahangir Alam, 30, and Zafar Alam, 25.

    “Police recovered two firearms, three rounds of live bullets and some other ammunition,” said Ataur Rahman, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Teknaf Police Station.

  • Yunus Centre responds to premier’s alleged remarks

    Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus would never do anything against the interests of Bangladesh, the Yunus Centre said.

    In a rejoinder to the prime minister’s alleged remarks about the mirco-financier’s role in cancelling World Bank funding for the Padma Bridge project, the Yunus Centre said: “He has always promoted Bangladesh and its successes, and has helped to put Bangladesh on the map as a model for development and poverty reduction.

    “To state that he is harmful to the nation is very unfortunate.” 

  • Better late than never

    LBA ratifcation is a welcome sign that bilateral relations can move forwardIt is heartening to see that India’s Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha have both unanimously passed the bill to ratify and implement the 1974 land-boundary agreement between Bangladesh and India.

    While real progress on the issue has been a long time coming, it is good news that the wheels are finally moving. Bangladesh has been patiently waiting for the ratification of the LBA for far too long.

  • Secure funding for RMG growth

    All stakeholders have a role to playWe welcome the suggestion  made by the German ambassador to Bangladesh that global consumers should change their mindset about buying clothes at low prices.

    In the long-term, the only way out of a race to the bottom in the garment supply chain is to secure more funds for improvements in working conditions and sustainability that benefits consumers and workers alike. The ambassador is right to ask brands and buyers to look more at pricing structures and pressures.

  • Thanks, but no tanks

    Thanks, but no tanks

    Nawaz Sharif’s visit of contrition notwithstanding, the Saudis are unlikely to forgive Sharif, his parliament or his country for what the Saudis regard as an unconscionable betrayalIf there is a name Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has heard once too often, it is that of Bruce Riedel. Riedel retired from the CIA in 2006. His wife still works there. (The CIA, like sub-continental politics and the US presidency, is a family business.)

    In July 1999, when Nawaz Sharif made his lightning visit to Washington to invoke Bill Clinton’s intervention after the Kargil fiasco, the only other person allowed in the meeting at Blair House was a note-taker: Bruce Riedel.

  • A tale of two mockingbirds

    A tale of two mockingbirds

    Public reaction in Pohela Boishakh and echoing namelessness“The ‘they,’ as it were, can constantly have ‘them’ invoking it …” — Heidegger

    Easy does it. “They” did it.

  • The green climate fund and the private sector in Bangladesh

    As the UN prepares to roll out a multibillion-dollar Green Climate Fund (GCF), it offers greater opportunities to engage the private sector to combat climate change risks. The GCF business model not only aims to raise money from institutional private investors, but also support local, small-scale businesses to invest in climate responsive technologies and ventures.

  • Neha Rai

  • Green climate fund: Reality or rhetoric

    The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is an international climate finance mechanism that developed countries pledge funds into for climate related activities in developing countries. It is established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The GCF is accountable to and functions under the guidance of the annual Conference of Parties (COP).

    Governing structure of GCF

  • Climate fiscal framework: Bangladesh leads on climate actions

    Bangladesh ranks fifth among the world’s ten most vulnerable countries to climate change induced calamities in the world according to the Climate Risk Index, 2014. Bangladesh has become one of the most innovative fighters of climate change through both community-based adaptation, national level initiatives, as well as participation in international negotiations. At the national front, the Finance Division at Ministry of Finance, has instituted the Climate Fiscal Framework (CFF) a pioneering system leads the way in mainstreaming climate finance into the national fiscal system.

  • Walsingham’s greatest legacy?

    Walsingham’s greatest legacy?

    Despite “fits and starts” of the ensuing century, the foundations were laid for what was to become the world’s greatest ever empireSir Francis Walsingham is still remembered as one of Britain’s greatest spymasters. He is credited with ensuring the endurance of Queen Elizabeth I, to whose 45-year reign are attributed the foundations of a, near, half-millennium of British achievement. Years that saw the development of England as a maritime power in an increasingly global economy, a power that, in large part financed such events of international significance as the Industrial Revolution.

  • Know thy enemy

    Know thy enemy

    This is when the elite feel vulnerable. The elite anti-caste position is a lazy and fashionable excuse for general alienation from society at largeHow does dialogue and engagement start? I ask this question without any specific context. I shall come to that later. But still, generally, how does dialogue start? Honest dialogue and engagement assumes at least one thing. The pre-engagement attitude that exists between the conversants before any dialogue starts is clearly unsatisfactory. Hence the need arises for greater understanding, for dialogue.

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