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  • Security beefed up in the capital

    Law enforcers had increased their patrols on city streets to combat crimes like mugging and snatchingMembers of law enforcement agencies have taken special  measures to ensure the security of cattle markets, bus and launch terminals as well as railway stations in the capital ahead of Eid-ul-Azha to be celebrated tomorrow.

    The Dhaka Metropolitan Police and the Rapid Action Battalion have already made three-tier security arrangements. Detective Branch of police has also made security plan while navy police would play a role in this regard during this Eid vacation.

  • 254 Eid congregations in Chittagong

    The first and main Eid jamaat in the city will be held at Jamiatul Falah Masjid ground in the city’s WASA area at 7:45am, followed by another jamaat at 8:30am at the same venueThe district administration of Chittagong and Chittagong City Corporation are preparing for a total of 254 Eid jamaats (congregations) in the port city as well as all 14 upazilas in the district for Eid-ul-Azha tomorrow.

    The city corporation has arranged 158 congregations, and Chittagong Central Eid Jamaat Committee of the district administration is in charge of hosting 96 congragations across the rest of the district, said sources in both the organisations.

  • Medical and banking facilities disrupted

    Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres in the city have been in a vacation mood since Tuesday following Durga Puja and Eid-ul-AzhaMedicare services in Barisal are largely being hampered as most of the physicians and nurses went on Eid vacation on Thursday.

    Hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres in the city have been in a vacation mood since Tuesday following Durga Puja and Eid-ul-Azha.

    During the week-long vacation, only a few doctors and staffs will be available at Barisal Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH), the largest medical service provider in the region.

  • Transport operators fleecing passengers ahead of Eid

    Most of them are not being offered any life jacketTransport operators are charging extremely high fares from people heading for home ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

    A passenger is having to pay Tk Tk200, instead of 180, and Tk35-50, instead of Tk 33, for crossing Mawa-Kewrakandi route by speedboat and launch respectively.

    Most of them are not being offered any life jacket.

    The plying of trawlers is banned in the turbulent Padma river but it is still on under the very nose of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority.

  • Dhaka Zoo ready to welcome visitors

    A 21-member supervision committee was formedDhaka Zoo authorities are expecting a whole slew of visitors during Eid-ul-Azha vacation. 

    The zoo is visited by 10,000-15,000 people on an average every day but the number soars up to seven times on the Eid day and remains so for the next four to five days.

    On the second day of Eid last year, a record 120,000 people visited the zoo.

    Dr Enayet Hossain, curator of the zoo, told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday the zoo authorities want the visitors to have a pleasing visit to the zoo.

  • Illegal cell phone sets flood market before Eid

    The government is incurring a loss of huge revenues due to illegal sale of handsetsPopular cell phone handsets with other gadgets are frequently entering into the country with garment accessories and other products stuffed in the containers to dodge huge tax revenues.

    Market sources said after the tax increase, handsets’ markets are facing a volatile situation specially the high-priced handsets.

    In the last budget for the current fiscal 2014-15, 15% VAT has been introduced to the mobile handsets for the first time.

  • Braving odds to celebrate Eid

    Dhaka-Tangail highway sees 25km-long tailback; train, bus schedules go haywire Gridlocks on highways, queues for ferries at terminals and jumbled up schedules of buses and trains  continued adding to woes of home-bound people who were now in a franatic rush to reach their village home before Eid-ul-Azha.

    Reports filed from across the country yesterday also stated that several road accidents, huge number of cattle-laden vehicles and presence of unfit vehicles on the highways had made matters worse for  home-goers.

  • Syndicates cash in on market regulators’ absence

    Prices of sacrificial animals and other essentials in the market are behaving abnormally ahead of the holy festival of Eid ul-Azah as the government failed to rein in syndication. 

    According to sources in the Commerce Ministry, the much-sought after Bangladesh Competition Commission (BCC) is yet to come into being though three years have elapsed and Tk10 lakh was allocated by the Finance Division for smooth operation of the commission.   

  • Liquid milk prices surge ahead of Eid

    Supply disruption has been blamed for the surge in liquid milk pricesLiquid milk prices have increased by Tk2-3 per litre just days before Eid-ul-Azha.

    The state-run Milk Vita brand was retailed at TK65 per liter Tk62 two days ago while Aarong, Aftab and Pran milks were found selling at Tk63-65.

    Supply disruption has been blamed for the surge in liquid milk prices. 

    During visits to different city areas including Arambagh, Purana Paltan, Naya Paltan, Kamalapur, Shahjanpur and Tikatuli, the retailers were found selling the milk at the increased prices.

  • IMF helps countries for stabilisation growth

    Seven years after the onset of the global financial crisis, the world still has a way to go to secure a sustainable recovery marked by strong growth that supports rapid job creation and benefits all, says MD of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde.

  • Standoffs get ugly at Hong Kong democracy protests

    Thousands of supporters attended an evening rally in solidarity with the pro-democracy movement’s calls for wider political reformsStandoffs between Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters and their antagonists grew increasingly ugly yesterday, as the two sides traded insults and at times taunted police. The city’s leader said streets occupied by the protest must be cleared by Monday.

  • Tuba workers suspend agitation till October 15

    Tuba workers suspend agitation till October 15

    The agitated workers besieged BGMEA vice-president Shahidullah Azim’s residenceBeing failed materialising their demands for wages and bonuses, Tuba Group Sramik Sangram Committee yesterday decided to stage demonstration on October 15 in front of National Press Club where fresh agitation programmes would be announced. 

    “Go home with the anger against the factory owners and come back with more spirit of demonstration to fight for your rights,” Committee Convenor Moshrefa Mishu told a demonstration staged in the capital

  • Bull-run continues to hit stock market

    Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) Selective Categories Index, CSCX, was up 136 points to close at 9,781Stock market finished the week with bull-run ahead of long vacation and weekend holidays, extending its rally for the fifth consecutive week.

    The week that ended Thursday staged steep rise ahead of the six-day Eid-ul-Azha and four-day weekend holidays that began from Friday. The DSE will resume its trading from October 12.

    Crossing 5,000-mark for the first time in the previous week, the benchmark index DSEX added 210 points or 4% to 5,237, its highest level since launching in the past week.

  • GM’s 2025 platform plan: Simplify and seek to save billions

    GM’s 2025 platform plan: Simplify and seek to save billions

    GM will be able to save on components, tooling and other manufacturing-related expensesIt could be a defining element of Chief Executive Mary Barra’s legacy at General Motors Co: A drastic shift over the next 10 years from 26 global vehicle production platforms to just four by 2025, a bold stroke that could eventually save the US automaker many billions of dollars in production costs.

  • Investors batten down hatches for volatile end to 2014

    Investors batten down hatches for volatile end to 2014

    A new period of dollar strength risks drawing American investment back homeGlobal investors are starting to cut back on stock market positions, wary of a wave of financial market turbulence in the final quarter of 2014 as the era of cheap money ends.

    The tide turned abruptly this week with the close of the third quarter and major stock markets have lurched down at the start of October, a month associated with previous market shakeouts including the 1929 and 1987 crashes.

  • Human Rights Watch: Myanmar wants to segregate Rohingyas

    Muslims are only mentioned in the plan with reference to religious schoolsA draft government plan would secure discriminatory policies that deprive Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar of citizenship and lead to the forced resettlement of over 130,000 displaced Rohingya into closed camps, Human Rights Watch has said.

    Myanmar’s international donors, the United Nations, and other influential actors should press the government to substantively revise or rescind its “Rakhine State Action Plan.”

  • Risks to ‘Abenomics’ growing, whether Japan PM raises tax or not

    Risks to ‘Abenomics’ growing, whether Japan PM raises tax or not

    A recovery in the world’s third-biggest economy is falteringIf history is a guide, a string of disappointing economic reports in Japan would seem to argue against raising the country’s sales tax again. But the risks for “Abenomics” are increasing whatever Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decides to do.

    A recovery in the world’s third-biggest economy is faltering, despite Abe’s massive monetary easing and government spending over the past 21 months, and Japan may already be sliding into recession just as Abe must decide whether to raise the tax once again.

  • Will the European economy’s summer squalls turn into an autumn tempest?

    The conflict and the sanctions against Russia caused a collapse in consumer confidence and business investment in the euro zone’s one strong economy, GermanyFollowing the grim market response to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s latest monetary policy pronouncements, Europe is approaching another make-or-break moment comparable to the crisis of 2012. The summer quarter ended this week, and financial markets delivered their judgment on just how bad things are, pushing the euro down to its lowest level since September 2012. Europe’s quarterly stock market performance was the worst since the nadir of the euro crisis. The question is whether the miserable summer will give way to a milder autumn.

  • Traders fear smuggling of rawhide in Eid

    Local rawhide traders were frustrated after having failed to get any bank loan for continuing their business during Eid-ul-Azha when they profit a lot in the business every yearFears are high that rawhide might be smuggled into India through Feni district border as its price is quite low in Bangladesh. 

    Panchgasia rawhide market traders said Indian businessmen have already appointed more than 100 brokers on the district border to collect raw hides from local traders. 

    Local rawhide traders were frustrated after having failed to get any bank loan for continuing their business during Eid-ul-Azha when they profit a lot in the business every year. 

  • Where have the poor gone?

    Where have the poor gone?

    In the near future, we may not have enough beggars asking for moneyMy friend looked very dismayed. He does not see enough “poor people,” or to be precise, “real poor people” available to hand out qurbani meat to. He could not reconcile this fact with himself.

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